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Audiophile for starters

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Great Sound stages, Clear, Natural Sound, Really Comfortable, reasonable price

Cons: PLASTIC!, not for basshead

This Is a nice headphone. I don't really like the design but this is in my price range, I like to use it at public places(It's weird, I know). Sound leakage is impossible to hide. Soundtage is good but not so well on the more behind sound. High sometimes is too high, mid is good, and the low is perfect. Build quality is not good, almost all of it's frame are plastic, but there's the iron part on the back of the earcup, however. Nice headphone for starters, even for someone who's trying on a cheap(reasonable) audiophile.


Wah, you purchased it with $300. Oh my god.
Yeah these are good for a beginner, comfortable and non fatiguing and can work direct from soundcard output. and open backed so less ear sweat
Plastic isn't a bad thing. Plenty of headphones are made of headphones and can be thrown around like mad (the shure srh440 or 840, for example)
I had the impression the build was excellent. Quality of finish is very high with outstanding comfort. Fine attention to detail.
Plastic is the "material", not the "build". The build is the headphone's construction and strength for purpose. I'd give the build top marks.
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