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An improvement to the HD595

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: never harsh sounding, no sibilance, easy to listen to, wide soundstage

Cons: bass rolls off, not very detailed, a bit muddy, dark sounding, overpriced

Firstly, this headphone is the prime example of something I'd love to hate.

I did like the HD595 as a non fatiguing headphone... and yeah the HD598 is better. But that ugly design and MAP restriction left a sour taste.

I'm still saddened they didn't switch to a 1/8 inch connector as most devices use that nowadays. Another problem is the impedance varies among the frequency greatly, especially in the mid-bass. Don't plug these into some receivers, they will get really muddy.

It sounds like the HD595 with better clarity, and more treble. But again much better can be found for the money.

Supposedly Sennheiser fixed the build quality issues, but we'll see...


You are using a dedicated amp and dac, right?
I second the above question as well. I find these from my listening to be anything but dark. Also your ratings on the side for design, value, comfort etc seem to not line up with your 2.5 star rating at all.
Go back to audiophile school and learn the alphabet
ive seen his review and he is giving top headphone poor review with no proper explanation
Hey BK, you said there is much better out there for the money. What would that be?
Muddy and dark sounding? That really doesn't sound like the HD 598's! Are you sure they didn't come with some kind of defect? Or have you tried them in different setups?
Correct about the price being far too high. What a rip-off these dull and boring sounding headphones are.
I love how he is saddened about the quarter inch jack!! I would rather adapt to a smaller plug then adapt to a larger plug when I want to use my amp and not listen from my iPod directly. And second the sound quality isn't dark it is very sharp and the smallest details can be heard even without an amp. Third you can't use the sennheiser provided adapter it doesn't have the connection that others have (I use a gold plated grado adapter). The only thing that is a little right is that these headphones arent very good with bass but the bass is sacrificed for sound quality due to there ported design.

This is the kind of person that thinks Beats are the best headphones ever

Complete idiot
Read my review and learn.
The bass rolls off?  Then just turn it up!  It's like you've never heard of an EQ.  The point is that the bass is tight and punchy when it's turned up to high volumes.  For this reason, these headphones have fantastic bass.  I EQ 32 Hz up about 6 dB and it's fantastic.  I actually have to EQ the midbass down about 2 dB to get the sound I like the most.  Saying the bass is rolled off is accurate, but that's not really a negative if you know what you're doing with your audio equipment.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TIIu9CERgI sounds amazing for me.
I personally think you are a complete idiot. He probably works for Sennheiser competitor's Company and is making up reviews to get paid.
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