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I'll be using these for a long time

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Soundstage, comfort, very nice looking imo...

Cons: Lacks a little punch in the low bass.

I'll start of by saying I'm new to the hifi headphone world and I'm using these un-amped out of the headphone out of a focusrite usb interface. Wow I never expected a headphone to sound so full, It's almost speaker like. They have plenty of bass but they do lack a little oomph and this becomes very apparent at low volume levels or bad sources, they don't sound quite as well on an ipod as on my pc's soundcard.


It is a very open design, you will hear your surroundings clearly and at medium listening levels or above people in the proximity will definitely be able to play air guitar over whatever it is that you're listening to. If that doesn't bother you this headphone is still imo not suitable for transit, the headphone is big and very comfy but the plastic is still kinda flimsy, suffice to say it doesn't like being sit on or tossed around.


By the way, I can't stress enough how comfortable this thing is. It's relatively lightweight and the velour earpads are just, nice. the padding on the inside of the headband is I believe fake leather. Although it's not sturdy as a military assault rifle, overall it really feels like a quality product.


As for the bass, maybe I haven't given it enough time to burn in as I've only gotten it a few days ago, I think this headphone does benefit from a stronger source. Maybe not as much as some of the higher end sennheisers. Do I recommend this? Well I'm happy with it considering what I payed for it. If you're a real bass centric person and you listen to dubstep or hiphop you might want to look at some of the closed back alternatives out there. Maybe some people will call ******** on this, for every person there's an opinion.


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