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The complete package

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Very well made, They look awesome, big soundstage, nice punchy bass.

Cons: Cable is long, 6.5mm adapter

Design/Build quality
Straight out of the box these feel strong and look like they have been put together very well, they have a beige colour with shiny wood accents and they look awesome!
They are like the Aston Martin of the headphone universe, they just look and feel classy and expensive.

At first these didn't sound so great out of the box they sounded dull grainy and lacked bass completely after burn in however these opened up nicely, Bass is tight and punchy with a nice subtle low end but definitely not superfluous or over the top,

Treble is these cans strong point they have a lot of detail and are unforgiving of low quality music any mp3 below 256kbps sound awful
The soundstage/separation is amazing these shine on just about any genre I put through them, male vocals especially sound excellent.

These really are the complete package I recommend them too
well done Sennheiser!


pm. me if you want to have a shorter cable ;)
Where did you get them for $120
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