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Blow me away Sennheiser HD-598

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Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Sound, style, design, comfort

Cons: home hifi, maybe another cable with 3.5mm jack only

For the price, these headphones have incredible sound quality. Compared to other headphones like the HD 650, this is by no means an 'inferior' headphone just different. Superb soundstage and bass and treble capabilities. out of the box the highs mids and lows are well balanced. 


Comfort is 5 stars, light and comfy. The headband is pleather, don't know if it will discolour/rot off over time. Some reports that the wood is real but I doubt it. Absolutely love the retro premium style to bits, needs to win an award for one of the best looking headphones. I took off half a star for design because of cracking for early batches and Sennheiser public commitment to replace defective units within 2 years (nothing special, just honoring warranty nothing more). Also you need to be careful with the the metal grill, it will bend and dent very very easily so you need to baby these headphones. Buy a case/pouch/bag for it and put it away after use.


For the price I have no negative points to pick other than perhaps the cable could be ended with a 3.5mm because with the adaptor it might stress your audio port. To address this I bought a gold plated extension cable.


Many people talk about amping this headphone but I see absolutely no need for it. Without additional amping the sounds are great no distortion at all. I tried with a 100ohm Amp with no significant improvement. I will try with a 300ohm amp since the frequency charts tells us the bass improves with that level.


Overall, I'm very happy with these headphones and they compliment the closed-back portable Sennheiser Momentum very well. 


An all-round champion
Hi,Nice review. I'm planning to buy these headphones, according to reviews they are exactly what i've been looking for. But I have one question: what will be the sound like when used with Sansa Clip+?(I'm planning to get this too). Also, I listen to music with my phone or laptop. What will this couple sound like when compared to these? Will Sansa be better than laptop or not?Thanks for your advice.
Great review! Thanks
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