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The smooth and musical HD 598

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 598

Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Airy soundstage, sparkly treble, slightly lush mids, neutral bass, comfort, great looking, serious bang for the buck.

Cons: Mild upper mids coloration preventing them from sounding totally natural.

The HD 598 is a terrific mid-fi headphone. They sound very natural and almost effortless. They are extremely comfortable headphones. Also, they look like a luxury product.

These are excellent for gaming and watching movies. Also, these don't have high impedance like the higher end Sennheiser headphones. You can drive them with your iPod. Though, an amp can help you drive them to their full potential.

If you are a basshead , then stay away from them. It doesn't mean they lack bass, they have a perfect amount of bass for  most music genres, though, it's not overly emphasized like in bass heavy headphones.


Talking about its sound -

They sound smooth with mild coloration in the upper mids. Apart from that - they sound natural.


Lows - well, they do bass, but it's not heavy hitting . There's an emphasis on the mid bass.

You can hear the sub bass, but it's mildly masked because of the mid bass emphasis. I wouldn't call the bass lacking . It's just neutral. Nothing special to write about.


Mids - Strongest feature of the headphone. It is something very different. I have never heard such a spectacular midrange before. It is lush sounding with a touch of brightness that prevents it from sounding too dark and laidback( it is still laid back though).

There's a mild coloration in the upper mids . Upper mids are rather forward revealing harsh edges in some songs, though, It's not bothersome as they become smoother with burn in. The mids are nicely textured. Overall, HD 598's midrange is smooth and moderately bright sounding. Very addictive.


Highs and Soundstage - Highs are really good. Detailed but smooth. They prevent the headphone from sounding too dark. There's a mild recessesion at 8khz. though, there's a peak rising at 20 khz giving the treble a nice sparkle and airy sound. There's absolutely no sibilance to speak of. The treble is very nicely controlled, it blends perfectly with the amazing midrange producing a natural sound. This is furthermore helped with a very wide and deep soundstage. It is one of the best soundstages I have ever heard in headphones. It is not ultra wide like the K701 that can screw up imaging. It is decently wide and airy without feeling disconnected from music . Also, the depth is suprisingly well done.

Talking about instrument separation - instruments are separated nicely , you can hear each instrument clearly . Instruments have nice air around them.


All in all, if you are after natural sound and have a $200 budget, then buy them in a heartbeat.


They sound artificial compared to Senn HD650 tho. I had them both for a while and as I listened to the HD 650 exclusively for like a week, I switched back to compare, and they sounded artificial/thin/lifeless in direct comparison. When you take them by themselves they are really good, but in no way do they compare to the higher end imo.
Natural bass? You should try other higher headphones to realize what the natural basses are. However, the HD598s are really good start headphones for anyone going to the Audiophile world.
I am sorry for what I wrote. You were right but I do not know why the hype of HD598 is too high on many websites included head-fi.org? I had a HD598 before and find out that most of my musics were boring or sleepy on HD598. The HD598 could be the smoothest headphone of Sennheiser's headphones ever created.
In my experience, the HD 598 aren't slow. 
I have a pair of Grado's SR325is which is known for being very ''fast'', and i don't find it slow in comparison.
In Folk music, for example, you can hear all the instruments perfectly positioned, without any congestion (the same with Classical Music).
In Metal, it sounds basically the same compared with SR325is in speed (excluding frequency response variation, for example: more present mid-bass and sub-bass on SR325is that give you the 'feeling' of more speed in comparison with 598), but NEVER more 'fast' than 598, and that is coming from a very 'fast' pair of headphones for most people here.
IMO, the HD 598 are NOT slow. For me, it's just placebo or a random reason to despise them.
And yeah, if you haven't the HE-90 combo you are a loser here, basically. Some people are just so exaggerated in this 'hobby', and basically tell you a NOOB if you don't have the best setup out here, pff.
@LoveKnight - It's okay . happens.
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