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WOW ! just WOW! can't believe these would deliver such an amazing sound.

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Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Amazing soundstage, airy treble, warm mids, neutral bass, comfort, stylish, serious bang for the buck.

Cons: none !


When I ordered these, I thought they would sound ok. maybe a little better than my previously owned HD 518 but wouldn't be that great as they share the same drivers.

My expectations weren't high. Firstly let me say - this review is not about the technicalities . It is mostly about my experience.


To begin with -

I am not someone who wants to hear the last bit of detail in the music.

I was pretty happy with my Grados. They gave me moderate details, clarity and superb mids with punchy bass.

One day when I was surfing headfi , i came across the HD 598. People praised highly about their soundstage.

after reading about it, i got very tempted to have that experience.

Initially I decided to go with the HD 558 considering it has that huge soundstage I was craving for with a cheaper price tag . but on the other hand - I read that the people who owned them always felt an urge to upgrade to the HD 598.

They were enjoying the huge soundstage of their 558's already and wondered how good the soundstage and the highs would sound on the HD598 . In the end, they ended up spending more and buying the HD 598.

I didn't want that experience - I waited for another month , collected some more cash and bought the HD 598. 


Also I had considered the AD 700 before. but then I read - they were extremely bass light.

I'm not a bass head. not even close

but if I were paying a huge price for some headphone, I would atleast want some thump in my music . So I dropped the idea.


coming to my experience -


when I tried these for the first time, I was completely floored. 

I had an instant smile on my face, that happy feeling I really can't describe. They just sounded perfect.


I listened to some light rock music and acoustics on them. And they sounded heavenly.

Also I played some uplifting trance. And wow, it sounded out of the world. The soundstage was very airy and huge, it created an euphoric atmosphere around my head. when I closed my eyes, It felt like I was in another world. I never had this feeling with my Grados.

I watched gravity with these phones and I really enjoyed the experience. 

There were many times I got goosebumps while listening to music on these.

for the price I paid , I don't think I could have gotten a better sounding phone.


I have read loads of posts about the HD 598. Some people claim that these are the best sounding headphones under 500$ .

Sennheiser higher end headphones are better sounding but they have their cons


HD 650 = a little veiled and thick sounding. some people hate such kind of a sound signature. 

HD 700 = muddy bass for their price.

HD 800 = too much highs.

but the HD 598's? not a single con except they sound slow , but not as slow as the HD 600.



Infact, i don't find them slow at all. They are fun to listen .

They are excellent for gaming and watching movies. They are all rounder headphones altogether.

+ these don't have high impedance like the other high end sennheiser cans. And that is another terrific thing about them .You can easily drive them with your ipod.  

If you are a basshead , then stay away from them. It doesn't mean they have meh bass, they have a perfect amount of bass for the music, though it's not overly emphasized like in bassy cans.

All in all, if you get these under 200$, buy them in a heartbeat. you can't get a better sounding headphone at this price.

I am glad and more than happy that I got these instead of the SRH 840.

Best purchase ever made.


They sound artificial compared to Senn HD650 tho. I had them both for a while and as I listened to the HD 650 exclusively for like a week, I switched back to compare, and they sounded artificial/thin/lifeless in direct comparison. When you take them by themselves they are really good, but in no way do they compare to the higher end imo.
Natural bass? You should try other higher headphones to realize what the natural basses are. However, the HD598s are really good start headphones for anyone going to the Audiophile world.
firstly, I have not heard higher end headphones. when i compared them with my other headphones. the bass was tight and natural. where in my review i said the bass/sound is better than the higher end cans?if you read it correctly i said -" they are better sounding but they have their cons" i am mainly talking about the sound signature. some people prefer the sound signature of these over the 650's but that doesnt mean they are better sounding. the 650's are more refined im aware.
secondly - i have read about them in the posts . i am not personally comparing them . there were some audiophiles saying the highs are smoother than the hd 800 and other stuff .i just posted their impressions here.
I am sorry for what I wrote. You were right but I do not know why the hype of HD598 is too high on many websites included head-fi.org? I had a HD598 before and find out that most of my musics were boring or sleepy on HD598. The HD598 could be the smoothest headphone of Sennheiser's headphones ever created.
In my experience, the HD 598 aren't slow. 
I have a pair of Grado's SR325is which is known for being very ''fast'', and i don't find it slow in comparison.
In Folk music, for example, you can hear all the instruments perfectly positioned, without any congestion (the same with Classical Music).
In Metal, it sounds basically the same compared with SR325is in speed (excluding frequency response variation, for example: more present mid-bass and sub-bass on SR325is that give you the 'feeling' of more speed in comparison with 598), but NEVER more 'fast' than 598, and that is coming from a very 'fast' pair of headphones for most people here.
IMO, the HD 598 are NOT slow. For me, it's just placebo or a random reason to despise them.
And yeah, if you haven't the HE-90 combo you are a loser here, basically. Some people are just so exaggerated in this 'hobby', and basically tell you a NOOB if you don't have the best setup out here, pff.
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