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Sound as boring as they look.

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Sennheiser HD 598

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Pros: Comfortable to wear, help you relax.

Cons: Makes your music sound dull and boring.

Had these and couldn't wait to get rid of them. I agree with What Hi-Fi? who gave these 3 stars out of 5 and said they were dull and boring. These headphones do manage to suck the life out of any music.

If you want something to help you relax then these are the right cans for you, but you will get bored and you won't feel much from listening to vocals and music, which for me is like missing the point of music.

I now have Creative Aurvana Live! headphones which are so much better than these. Much more exciting. Much more interesting to listen to. I honestly believe people who rate the HD598 highly don't have another decent set of energetic sounding headphones to compare them with. Once you listen to something like the Aurvana, there's no going back to Boresville.

I would like to reply to some of the ignorant comments made below this review but, for some reason, this website does not allow it. So i will respond to those comments here.

When a respected reviewer like InnerFidelity doesn't even bother to review the Sennheiser HD598 then perhaps it is because he knows they are not worthy of a review. MarcadoStalker7, don't pretend you know my likes or dislikes. I like smooth headphones as much as the next guy, but there is a big difference between smooth and dull.

Negative comments on the CAL! are also way off. Those headphones are praised by the respected reviewers. After all, they made it onto InnerFidelity's Hall of Fame. Go there to read about them MarcadoStalker7, Xinze and skyforger. You all might learn something if you do. Don't even think about comparing the CAL! to Beats and other similar rubbish.


I agree with Maxvla. I thoroughly respect the 598 for what they are even though I have some high end gear. They are not dull but rather do a good job at exposing poor files and recordings unlike the CAL! you mention which will mask these things. 
Yeah I think the user here is just used to BOOM BOOM BASS
These cans soundstage like crazy, if you feed them with proper stuff. They kept surprising me when I turned my head because I was sure I heard something from behind me. What were you feeding these with? On low quality source/amplification, they sound somewhat dull indeed though and way too mellow. 
As somebody who owns and enjoys both the CAL! and HD598, I really don't agree with your review. I'm thinking you prefer a less laid-back presentation and smaller soundstage, and perhaps more bass.

Xinze: The CAL! isn't really a boomy headphone though (unless under-driven). I do think you're on to something though. dz1k needs to track down some Foster-era Denons.

Rem0o: Agreed on the source. Also dz1k, what type of music do you listen to?
I think I do not like HD598 for most of my genres anymore but still use it for daily work such as video clips, movies, games, etc... for serious music I think the review is right, ones should look for other cans. The sound is really annoying me now, little bright, vocals some times are recessed, bass is there and tight but can not go deep, treble is roll off. The positive things which are very comfortable, light weight, fancy look, fairly transparent and suit for movies and games because of wonderful sound-stage of theirs. I think it is the time for me to move to higher headphone.
Great, if you like listening to fun headphones just to enjoy your music you have an immature sound preference.......
I have a Grado SR325is, and it's known for being one of the most exciting headphones on the market, not only for me. The Aurvana are almost like 598 in "boring sound" in comparison to any Grado.

Don't generalize your opinion. The 598's sound signature is not for you. That's all. That doesn't means the 598 sound "boring". These are not exciting cans, like some cheap headphones like the Aurvana.

Simple. You don't like smooth cans, you like something like Beats, but even badly. Energy for ear inferno... 598 are not for you.
Man...I have to laugh at some of the comments. A lot of butt hurt all because of somebody's honest opinion.
I have BOTH the Sennheiser HD 598 and the Creative Auvarna Live! (1st version) and know exactly where he's coming from. I am listening to both right now as I type this. I have the Centrance Hifi-M8 so have the CAL plugged in to the combo output and the HD598 in the Headphones out. This way I can listen to the same song and swith headphones - and make adjustments to the sound options on the Hifi-M8.
GUYS - LISTEN: Some albums just sound better on the HD 598 and some sound better on the CAL. I "didn't" want it to be true either, but it is. The CAL are tremendous value for money. To say that somebody who likes the CAL is automatically a fan of Beats by Dre is just being a jerk. The CAL sounds better than the Beats.
I love having both the HD598 and the CAL. The HD 598 has a wider sound stage and offers more details and seperations. These cans are also seriously non-fatiguing. I can listen for hours on end. But listen, some albums just don't sound great on the Sennys. The bass doesn't extend very deep and the highs are rolled off. So for some albums (it's not even genre specific) the CAL work wonders.
The beauty of the HD598 is that it works well with all genres, but that doesn't mean it's going to excel at every genre or album. So sometimes you whip out the CAL and voila! Aural bliss.
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