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Fantastic but lacking bass

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 595 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 595 Headphones

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Pros: Polite headphones

Cons: Lacking bass

Only 3 headphones in my collection are better thank HD595: AKG-Q701, HD600, HD650.

Compared to HD595 For sound AKG-Q701 is a superior buy for the price. It has good comfort and decent fit and finish.

All open Senn headphones have Superior comfort, fit and finish. Althought the HD595 is a step down in sound from the AKG-Q701 it has everything else beat.

But I would say if you have 200 bucks, get the AKG-Q701. For the price, I have to admit the AKG are a fantastic value. Spending anything more, get the HD600 series. The Q701 is $250 bucks for HD600 series sound.

1 Comment:

I have not heard a better system than the one I currently have (budget reasons, but am attending a meet soon!).
I am using HD 595s with a uDac 2 and I agree that they lacking bass. I also have had issues with sibilance. Who knows if this is the phones or something else in my chain.
I equalize, and with a boost to the low end and a dip at 8K, both of these problems are solved to my satisfaction. Again, maybe this isn't valuable since I may not know what I'm missing :)
However, I CAN talk about the comfort of these headphones. I have had these for about 4 years. I am so used to wearing them that I put them on when I'm at the computer regardless of whether I'm listening to something or not. They go around year and rest on your head instead of resting on your ear, and I can (and have) worn them for 24 hours straight. They're amazing in this regard.
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