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Sennheiser HD 595 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Great Headphones!


Pros: Flat frequency response, uncolored sound - nice and neutral!

Cons: Some people don't like neutral sounding cans

I have been using these everyday for about 2 weeks now and here are my initial thoughts:   The delivery of the musical soundstage isn't distracting in any way. Some people don't like this, as increased bass response or sharper highs are often valued - but I LOVE the flat, neutral sound of these cans. Music sounds as it should: detailed and harmonic. The cans don't get in the way and let the music shine through. Nice job Sennheiser. Some folks have commented on the bass response. Again, this comes down to personal preference. I don't particularly like increased bass response, but prefer a tighter sound in the bass. These cans deliver tight, controlled bass. I listen to all...
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A nice overall detail, clear, a easy listening experience(Modded version


Pros: Detail, clarity, mids that grab attention. smoother treble

Cons: Bass is detailed but lacks body and impact, soundstage is a bit closed in for open phone(fixed with mids)

First of I have been using the DT 990 pros and a soundMagic HP100 for a while now at least 4 months. I have had time to break both in and happened to think both did what they did great. The HP100's got sold though because at the time I needed the funds being out of a work with health issues. It wasn't that I like the HP 100 less but more of the fact that the DT 990 was a gift from my girl. That left me with one headphonethat I was listening with and for the most part I was happy have a couple of DACs to toy with and a couple amps to pair and see what sounded best.      I found the HD595s used(but very lightly used) for a great price, and at this point I knew I had to...
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Negative Reviews


Sennheiser Cheats


Pros: Comfort

Cons: build quality, drivers, etc.

  My trust in Sennheiser is gone   For more detailed review on the sound itself there is alot of other really good reviews..this review focus on value for money.   Short said... Don't buy       Been a fan of sennheiser for many years...my trust is now completely gone!!! I own 4 pairs of sennheiser, HD650, 595 and two pairs of in-ear... always use my HD650 at home and the in-ears when im on the move.  A few years back i spend money on a pair of hd 595's to use on the move but never really used them because the in-ears is easier to carry with me. I put my 595's in the 650 casing where they have been for two years since i dont...
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Pros: Very comfortable, well built

Cons: No way near the sound quality of the old HD540; Noise from touching the cable enters the cans

Since my HD540s were old with deteriorated earpads I ordered the HD595, expecting the same SQ at least. I did not like it at all. Must say that I did not try it with a HQ amp, but nevertheless no comparison with the 540 reference, poorer definition, colored.  With as biggest dispappointment that as the cable touches your clothes or something the sound enters the cans, even if the cable is touched 1m away from the cans. Either do not move while listening, of play very loud. I consider this a design fault.  Anyway, sold it again after a couple of weeks. 

More Reviews


Good headphones for the price


Pros: Very comfortable, Good sound quality

Cons: Weak bass, Headband cracks after about 2 months

First, I would like to say that the HD 595 are an excellent audiophile entry headphones, they are very very comfortable. I can wear them for about 8+ hours with no discomfort at all. Sometimes, I even forget that I am wearing them!   When I first put them on, they felt a little weird on my ears, the ear cups are very large but I soon got used to it. I did not say wow! or anything like that when I first heard them but after a while I start to hear all the little details that have been missing. I think that the HD 595 are very balanced and neutral headphones but they lack bass. I have auditioned (and owned) a lot of headphones and the HD 595 are one of the most darkest sounding...
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Simply not worth it


Pros: Detailed, comfortable (further review upon re-possession...)

Cons: Pitiful bass, leak massive sound & provides little isolation (I guess as any open-back headphones would) (further review upon re-possession...)

The Sennheiser HD 595's were on sale on Amazon recently for $150 and I was just furious when I heard them.  Expecting something godly for the price they're originally at, especially considering their size, I got not even a minimal kind of wow factor and rather, instantaneous notations of flaws.  I must say, in the end, I was satisfied IN GENERAL with the sound, but with no complaints maybe if they were priced at $100 AS THE ORIGINAL.  I STRONGLY prefer my $60 Brainwavz M2 IEM's (which I got for $35) in almost every regard, and that's just absurd no matter how objectively you could look at it... Further review upon re-possession of headphones...

nice entry level phone from sennheiser


Pros: very comfy, neutral sound, non-fatiguing

Cons: boring, somewhat dry, slightly bass shy

the hd595 were my first nice set of nice cans. and, as a result they will always have a special place in my heart.   at $190 street price (as of this review), though, there are just so many other cans out there right now that will give you much more excitement for your dollar. thing is, the hd595 borders on boring, in my opinion.   yes, they are fairly neutral, have a pretty respectable amount of detail retrieval, and are very comfortable to wear and listen to for hours.  sure, part of the whole "forget you are wearing them" thing is the comfort.  but another reason is the somewhat flat sound signature.   overall, i liked them fairly well.  but, quickly found that...
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Fantastic but lacking bass


Pros: Polite headphones

Cons: Lacking bass

Only 3 headphones in my collection are better thank HD595: AKG-Q701, HD600, HD650. Compared to HD595 For sound AKG-Q701 is a superior buy for the price. It has good comfort and decent fit and finish. All open Senn headphones have Superior comfort, fit and finish. Althought the HD595 is a step down in sound from the AKG-Q701 it has everything else beat. But I would say if you have 200 bucks, get the AKG-Q701. For the price, I have to admit the AKG are a fantastic value. Spending anything more, get the HD600 series. The Q701 is $250 bucks for HD600 series sound.

A sick introduction to better-end headphones


Pros: Supreme comfort, supreme long-term listening, works with most music, easily amped by common sources

Cons: A little too "repressed" for rock n' roll, atrocious 1/4 to 1/8 adapter

I've owned these Senns for over 3 years, and don't plan on getting rid of them either, even having bought an audibly superior set of phones from a competitor. Hopefully that says a lot - these are too good to just abandon, but not quite good enough to have satisfied me til death do us part. I have discovered that they fare even better with a quality Amp/DAC solution, which was a nice surprise. With better equipment, they certainly hold their own against my HE-400s, and call the value of the extra-costs of buying the HE-400s into question. But, without question, their performance has some limits which coaxed me to finally  move on.   I find these phones to be extremely...
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Pros: Comfortable and geat sound

Cons: lacking bass before burn in and stock cable

I have had these headphones for around 3 years now and love them. When I first got them I admit the bass was a bit weak as most people point out but with some burn in they really started to liven up. They are also very comfortable, I can wear them all day with no discomfort and sometimes forget I even have them on. My only issue with them was the stock cable. The stock cable is quite long, not overly flexible and is terminated in a 6.5mm jack. All of these things combined make for uncomfortable portable listening. I upgraded the stock cable with a custom cable made by Double Helix and haven't looked back.   Highly recommended at a reasonable price.

Very Impressed


Pros: Amazingly Comfortable, Great Detail and Balance, Attractive Design, Minimal Distortion

Cons: None Yet

These were the first pair of over-ear Sennheiser headphones I purchased, and I had no idea how much detail I had previously been missing in the high and mid range. I also had no idea how comfortable a pair of headphones could actually be. I've owned them for over four years now and haven't experienced any quality issues. The headband and all aesthetic aspects of the headphone look as good as new, and the sound quality is as fantastic as ever. I found the bass of these headphones to be accurate and sufficient without sacrificing balance and detail. You probably shouldn't get these if you're looking for heavy bass or noise isolation but if you want great comfort, detail, and balance then...
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Best buy for new enthusiasts

My best set of cans to date : Summary of my opinion Pros::   Top Notch sound Superb soundstage Can be driven by iPods Very comfortable   Cons::   A detachable cable like the HD485 would have made these my #1  Could have a more durable headband.   

Awsome Starting Audiophile Headphones


Pros: Looks, Comfort, Crispy, Comes with Desk Mount

Cons: Lack of Bass, Large, Have to use converter to get to 3.5mm

After building my new PC system I figured I would be missing a whole front if i excluded the audio portion. I added a X-Fi Titanium HD soundcard (after reading much about sound cards, i game alot so this was the obvious choice.) and i replaced my old HD202 headphones. (The best 20 dollar headphones you could ask for<3)  I trusted the sennheiser brand so i was looking down their product line looking for a suitable pair of headphones.I didnt want to break the bank, i didnt even know what high quality cans sounded like, i was only going off reviews. My budget was around $200, seemed to be on the starting side of audiophile-esque headphones. Low and behold after much reading i found...
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Great All-arounders


Pros: Lively and involving. Good for any genre. Great for female vocals

Cons: Muddy bass. Highs rolloff a little early. Not the best musical detail.

Great for any genre you can through at it, they would suit a starter really well.  I overpaid for mine.  If you are interested in these, you are better off buying the HD555's and doing the foam mod (same drivers).  The soundstage mod greatly enhanced the airyness to them and I highly recommend it.  They sound great with electronic and rock, but lack some detail compared to other cans in this price range.
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