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My first true love...

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 580

Sennheiser HD 580

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Price paid: $350.00
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Pros: Superb clarity, ultra comfortable

Cons: expose flaws in the recording!

Purchased in Moscow, Russia in a premium store, hence the high price.


My first pair of audiophile headphones purchased without really reading any reviews but on the recommendation of the shop. Those Russians know a thing or two!


Went home, put them on, plugged into my old Dell laptop.... and they didn't leave my head for *6* hours.


I heard stuff that I never knew existed, it was a mind blowing experience that I can remember in detail six years later. A defining moment of my life.


These 'cans' are legendary and rightly so.


I just purchased a second pair (I gave my first pair to my old girlfriend) and look forward to some 600 grills and a decent cable.


Magical, magical, magical.


What shop, just curious =P
I am not sure of the name but they were on the second floor of GuM in a small enclave, and on the right hand side facing away from the hall.
2nd floor, right hand side.
Perhaps you know the name of the store :)
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