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Best Headphones I've heard for the price range

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 580

Sennheiser HD 580

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Pros: Sound quality, price, comfort, build quality, interchangeable parts

Cons: Nothing

These are not my first headphones. Over the years I had various marks and types, and even an electrostatics (Jecklin Float Electrostat).


But those are the best that I ever heard for the price range. Dynamics is incredible, they sound in a very natural way, bass is full but very fast, midrange is very clean and warm, treble is detailed but always sweet, one can listen to all types of music with the same pleasure, and without any auditive tiredness.


Of course, like with all high end headphones, it is obligatory to listen to them with a dedicated amplifier to obtain the best sound.

I use a G&W T2.6F, a hybrid chinese headphones amp, with tubes on the input and pure class A single-ended MOSFETs on the output.

It has all the necessary power to drive the Senn HD580 perfectly.


In conclusion, a royal listening.



I just got mine today. I do not know what I was expecting, but I m a little disappointed. I think I thought that they would beat my AKG K 601, but that is not the case. They are a really funny adition to the collection though. My main problem is that a headphone of this type is - for me - meant to eliminate listening fatigue (which it kinda does since it does not warm your ears) but also get rid of the inside your head-fealing. This is does not do. But hey, not to expensive and really old sp I should learn not to expect to much.
Hi hostarn,
Maybe you could try another amp to drive the Senns. Which one do you currently use ? I think it could make a difference, because the Senns are quiet sensitive to this. They deserve really the best quality. For the "inside your head feeling" I agree with you. Although they are of the semi-open type, they are not as open as some electrostatics. My old Jecklin electrostats were fabulous in this sense, but the counterpart was very light bass that didn't go low enough in frequency.
As I said in my review, I think that for the price, it is dificult to find something better. Of course for big money you will certainly find something more suited to your taste.
Cheers, staki
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