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Sennheiser HD 580 Reviews


A real gem of a vintage Sennheiser to own


Pros: Very neutral, treble and mids are finely balanced, bass goes deep, modest clamping force, just enough musicality without being dull

Cons: doesn't quite have the warmth of the HD600 nor scale of the HD650, out of production means mint examples are hard to come by

Background   After owning the HD650, I found that at times on my system, there was a little too much thickness and darkness. So I wanted to try another Sennheiser that had more forwardness to the treble and mids, and was leaning more toward the neutral side. And I didn't want a bright headphone; I usually hate bright headphones as they give me stabbing pain in my ears. I prefer the smoothness of Sennheisers, even if they lack a little excitement for certain moods.    The HD580 Precision was released somewhere around 1991, and it marked a change in direction for the sound of audiophile headphones. Headphones during the late 80s to early 1990s were generally treble...
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My Favourite Headphones


Pros: Comfort, interchangable/upgradable parts, sonic versatility

Cons: *Slight* lack of HF detail compared to some

I bought these headphones used on eBay in November '07. They were cheap, and were drilled through the headband for a listening post. They came with brand new HD650 cables.   This review will not be 'editorial' quality, because I can't stand the pompous, flowery hifi-speak that most hifi journalists subscribe to. This is more about why I like my HD580s.   I bought them before I had an amp to run them with, and so built one. I'd been using AKG K141s for several months prior to buying these, and was fairly happy with them. However, as soon as I strapped the 580s to my head, I was hooked. This would be a headphone love affair that continued through several purchases, with these always in my...
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The one and only. All in all, may be the most legendary headphone ever


Pros: Everything. It's the original Hi-Fi headphone, arguably the one that started it all

Cons: No longer being made

There's not much to be said about the HD-580. I've had mine for close to 20 years, and it's still my favorite headphone. AKGs, other Sennheisers, Sonys, Etymotics and Grados have come and gone, but these ones still stay. I've had their headband and earpads replaced, and they still sound as amazing as the day I bought them. They are the only headphone that I have never removed from my gear shelf. They are the ones I use when I try to decide whether any headphone is worth it.   I actually bought an HD-600 to replace them around 2002, because I was afraid they may fail or degrade over time. That never happened, and the 600's are still inside their box ever since then.   Cons? I...
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Willy 2 Streams

Comfortable as an old pair of loafers...


Pros: Relaxed, even sound quality. Reference quality neutral.

Cons: No longer made, unfortunately. Bass not as good as the HD 650's.

I bought my pair 20 years ago, and I'm STILL listening to them! Everything else in my system has been changed, but these remain. I am now driving them with the excellent Schiit Valhalla, which was made for 300 ohm cans like these. Bottom line, these are long term keepers. I just wish they still made them! Since they don't, I've refurbished them with new earpads, head arch pad, and cable. I will replace the ugly gray plastic ear cup covers with HD 600 metal grilles, whenever they're not back ordered. Equipped thusly, I don't feel any need to upgrade now. But I did recently get a pair of HD 650's. The comparison is most instructive! First, let me say I WISH the 580's had the 650's BASS! The...
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My first true love...


Pros: Superb clarity, ultra comfortable

Cons: expose flaws in the recording!

Purchased in Moscow, Russia in a premium store, hence the high price.   My first pair of audiophile headphones purchased without really reading any reviews but on the recommendation of the shop. Those Russians know a thing or two!   Went home, put them on, plugged into my old Dell laptop.... and they didn't leave my head for *6* hours.   I heard stuff that I never knew existed, it was a mind blowing experience that I can remember in detail six years later. A defining moment of my life.   These 'cans' are legendary and rightly so.   I just purchased a second pair (I gave my first pair to my old girlfriend) and look forward to some 600 grills...
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My 1st phone love


Pros: Lightweight,comfortable,great sound quality,rugged enough

Cons: None

This is my 1st pair of nice headphones, so I do not have anything to compare them to. I enjoy the sound of them tremendously paired with my (also 1st) amp, currently a CKKIII. At this time, my initial setup for my 1st chain goes like this: PC>Foobar2000(FLAC)>WASAPI>Nuforce uDAC>CKKIII>Sennheiser 580. I think the setup works well and I enjoy the beginner's system at the budget price total of only $370 for everything. Do yourself a favor and instead of joining Head-fi just to ask "What amp/phones/DAC should I buy?" on your 1st post, educate yourself as to what is out there, what music you plan on playing mostly, and what prices to expect for what you are interested in...
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Complete headphones


Pros: neutrality, lack of any significant flows, genre versatility, comfy enough, replacable parts, fast and warm at the same time, noble and modest look

Cons: cable connectors prone to defects, scene width is not awesome, some versions only for veiled sound fans, lack of sexy metal grills

I've described my views on HD 580 versions widely on head-fi. The important thing is to be aware of significant differences between them. This review is about (probably) 2nd version: made in Ireland, dark driver screen, flat HD 580 inscription. These headphones are not perfect in every aspect. HD 540 for example are better as far as mids are concerned. But HD 540 can't handle rough music with many instruments playing at the same time. They are not any genre master, but for the price, I guess, it's hard to find so versatile headphones. Also, if you like sound being on the bright side, don't buy them. The sound is not dark, but definitely it's not bright either. High tones are really...
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So far, my favorite open headphones!


Pros: Very natural (and neutral) sound, great balance, no sibilance, relatively easy to drive, comfortable!

Cons: Treble heads may complain there's not enough highs

This is my first review, but I will try to make it fast and straight to the point.   I just received the HD580s from ebay, and before I bought them I did some research and found out these have the same drivers as the HD600s. However, that doesn't necessarily mean they sound exactly the same. But, I don't own the HD600s, maybe in the future I will.    I opened them up, and while they are used, they look very lightly used, except for the ear pads, which are filthy (and smell.....ewww) But anyway, they came with the stock cable, and without the 1/4 adapter unfortunately, so I couldn't hook it up to some good amps yet.   I plugged it in to the FiiO E11, which is...
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5-star headphones


Pros: easy to drive; amazing in every aspects

Cons: Haven't noticed any yet

Better than RS1i, HD700 and K812 in most aspects.

My bestest headphones


Pros: neutral, clarity, soundstage, lively, comfortable, easy to repair

Cons: ear and headband pad replacement are expensive and doesn't last forever

Personally i prefer this design over the HD600
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