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Great overall mid-priced headphones

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 558

Sennheiser HD 558

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Pros: Rich sound, very comfortable earpads, great mids, punchy bass, great soundstaging

Cons: bad 3.5mm adapter (way too large)

My opinions



The sound produced by the HD558 is rich, a bit light, and isn't bloated with bass which is a good thing. It has a crisp treble and punchy bass, very great soundstage(expected from an open headphone) but sometimes the bass lacks. The great thing is this headphone will play any genre of music well, even from rock to classical(they play very well with classical).



The HD558 is very great for listening to music for hours. The velour pads very soft and comfortable, when you put it on, your head will still feel very light, and the pads are well shaped and pads are also great at managing sweat.



The design isn't very interesting/eye


Boom mic attachment + de-foamed 558/598 = one of the best gaming headphones around.
I wanted to ask about the de-foamed mod that you can do with this headphone. Does removing the foam tape actually help with the sound and or audio quality? Because I am in the air about what headphones to get under 150 dollar price range and seeing how they will be the first real decent sound quality phones I get I want to make a wiise and satisfying choice. I am basically between these, the DT 990s(on sale). I do not know if I should go with the headphones that are open backed because I will be usingf these on my pc with the creative sound card which should have no problem driving either of the headphones I am looking at because it can drive up to 600ohm headsets. Please if anyone can give me some feedback with a headset including suggestions that would sound good wiht indie rock, to alternative, to classical, to metal, and hold its own in gaming . I would really appreciate it.
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