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Sennheiser HD 558 Reviews

Kon Peki

Maybe the best value in headphones today


Pros: Forward, engaging mids. Overall euphonic, non-fatiguing, super comfortable, etc.

Cons: Lacking deep bass extension

At the time of this writing, these headphones cost less than $130 on Amazon.  At that price point, they are an incredible value.  For some reason, these headphones seem to be damned with faint praise in many reviews on the web.  I think some of the professional headphone reviewers are afraid to give top marks to inexpensive headphones, so they use terms like "more refined" for the more expensive ones.  I enjoyed listening to the HD558 more than my $400 HD600 (yes even with a good DAC/AMP), so I sold the HD600 and continue to enjoy the HD558.  If that makes me unrefined, so be it! What the 558 offer: -Beautiful, natural, relatively neutral sound...
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Amazing Soundstage and a unique Sound Signature!


Pros: Pristine sound clarity for it's price. Very neutral sound having the right amount of everything. Very very comfortable can be worn for hours.

Cons: Just like any other open back headphone sound is audible to people around you, that's about it!

When I bought the headphones I was amazed at the comfort level these headphones offer. I must admit this is my entry into the world of premium headphones, and I truly feel pleased with my decision. So it goes without saying I'm NOT an audiophile.    I'll keep this video short and crisp.   These over-ear headphones offers premium comfort with near sonic perfection. I was amazed even after keeping EQ in the flattest possible setting in my amplifier these babies sounded so detailed. This meant two things, Sennheiser is truly giving you a neutral sound and if you want you can tweak the EQ to give the bass, mids or highs a little push to make it shine all the more. I...
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Sennheiser HD 558 - $200 + Your head = Perfection!


Pros: Comfort, style, and sound are 2nd to none in its price range.

Cons: 3.5mm connector too large to fit some portables. Cable replacement is hard to find. Price continues to go up with demand, specially outside the US.

  I have only owned this for a couple months, but it did not take long to see why these are highly regarded. They quickly became my favorite all-rounder headphone for home use. I also own the Sennheiser HD 25-1 II, and Grado SR60i, I will make some comparisons to these also. Although sound quality is important, I will take a more balanced look at how practical these are to use on a daily basis.   Comfort/Design   I consider the comfort and design of a headphone to be just as important as sound quality, because this is what will ultimately determine whether I will find it practical to use on a daily basis, and whether it will last for many years to come.  ...
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Solid midrange open cans for a reasonable price


Pros: Mostly neutral tonality, quality timber meets or exceeds expectations for the price, good presence across the spectrum, great all-rounders

Cons: Sennheiser veil, bass can bleed a little and doesn't go all the way down, mids not always as forward as I would like ideally

My chain: Lossless -> Foobar 2k -> HifimeDIY Sabre DAC -> E11   The HD558 are doing it for me right now. I was not blown away, but they really don't do anything wrong. The bass is not boomy but does bleed a tad, not ideal for classical but it's not hugely problematic.   The mids are nice. Never overly resonant, just enough bite to give realism but not intrusive. Imaging is very nice, but transients are a little weak.   Having started my hifi game at IEMs and gone far enough to see the kind of soundstage they are capable of (TF10, SM3), and opting for my first real can to be closed yet with a good stage (DT770), I feel like I can really discern the...
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Super happy with 558's


Pros: Everything

Cons: none

So I bought these hd 558's and I cant be happier, they rock and are a amazing headphone in all ways especially for the price! Music like Frank sinatra and the ink spots sound awesome on these! The bass is absolutely perfect for this kind of music and the bass reminds me of a old console stereo with 12-15 inch drivers. They are clear and precise as well, all vocal music sounds amazing but so does rock and dubstep/bass type music. I would highly recommend these phones  You do NEED a high quality source! I want to build a tube pre-amp or something for these to make the sound even more warm.

Great headphones!

Great sound quality and value! The sections in the ear piece can touch your ears if they are large and they are made entirely our of plastic, but overall they are extremely good headphones!



Pros: Lush, very good at reproducing natural sounds, feels like you're being enveloped in a warm bath of amniotic fluid

Cons: Mid-bass bleed, slightly veiled

Let me start off by saying that I am not really an audiophile by my nature. A good portion of my library is in mp3 format; I occasionally listen to things on YouTube. That, and my music taste forces me to listen to a lot of badly-recording old records and stuff. By nature, I'm a musician. I listen to a lot of classical music, and so my primary goal is to reproduce sound as accurately and naturally as possible. So far, the HD558 is the best tool I've found for the job. (probably 598 is slightly better, but I didn't have the extra money to spend on it)   The "Sennheiser veil" is the most commonly mentioned drawback of these, as far as I can tell, and it's there for sure. I don't mind...
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A good all around headphone


Pros: Engaging, non fatiguing. Enjoyable sound signature. Detachable cable.

Cons: Cracks developed from suspect build quality

Note that my impression is with the foam removed from behind the grills.   HD558 is a very good headphone that I would recommend to everyone to listen to. Easy to listen to, not offensive sounding or dark sounding. Good price.   No amp required.   I have had the HD25-II before and the HD558 excels in every aspect except in the bass region.   Comfort: Pads could be softer, feels noticeably firmer than the pads on a ATH AD900X. Weight is ~260g which is not very light nor heavy, similar to that of the AD900X. Low clamping force. There is a little bulge on the rear side of the inner cups that may touch your ear creating discomfort over long listening sessions but...
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Superb entertainer


Pros: Excellent entertaining sound, airy presentation, very comfortable

Cons: only long cable, not the most detailed sound

Pros: - Airy presentation with good soundstage (great for music and movie too) - Balanced, entertaining sound - One of the most comfortable headphone what i have   Cons: - external amplifier (or a beefy DAP) is required for maximum enjoyment (necessary for tight bass) - Little short of the bass quantity ( few +dB bass boost will help) - Not the most exciting highs - The sound is not as detailed as the hi-res headphones - Only one long cable came with it by default

HD558 + HD598 Double Review


Pros: Comfort, Soundstage are unique

Cons: Can Irritate Certain People

When looking at a headphone, you almost always forget that the more pretty, or whatever in may be that wins you over in this case, that headphone, it has a sibling. This is the brother of a widely loved, and chosen as best for $200 bang for buck headphone, the Sennheiser HD598.   If we look around the headphone, there's really no difference when they sit side by side, maybe one has a bigger logo on the opening, and you also notice a huge contrast. I'd argue that an idiot who looked at both of these would choose the 598 just because of its smooth color, and someone who didn't mind price would grab the 558, do research, and still appreciate his purchase. The differences are fairly...
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