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Absolutely wonderfull

A Review On: Sennheiser HD-518

Sennheiser HD-518

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Pros: Soundstage/seperation!!, Covers all music styles, Great value.

Cons: Only minor ones, see review.

I will post a longer review when I have time but I just wanted to give some attention to these great headphones.


I really love them, these headphones have a HUGE enjoying factor. These are my first headphones and I really fell in love with music and headphones. I have heard ALOT of other headphones but there were very few that had the enjoyment factor of these. Cross off all the closed cans (lack of soundstage) and bright cans and there are very few headphones left.


-They sound like the hd650. Not quality like ofcourse, but if you like the hd650 you will like these. 

-They are easy to drive. They sound good out of a high end motherboard (sabertooth 990fx) but a cheaper motherboard or laptop won't work. (confirmed with one the newest apple laptops)

- If you like a warm sound and love soundstage these are the ultimate beginner headphones. The FiiO E10 is a great pair!




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