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Sennheiser HD 515 Headphones

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Pros: Laid back, Completely Non Fatiguing (for me)

Cons: A bit too polite. Small sound-stage

These are not the value they once were, but if you can find them for $50 they are un-beatable. For the price they go for these days the 518 is generally seen as better in every way than these. I use these for mostly rock, some jazz, techno and metal. Those genre descriptions are almost vague enough to describe my music library.



Very Good, I prefer the Velor material used on pricier HP's but the cloth used is very comfortable. After about 3 hour they start to get slightly uncomfortable because of the fairly tight clamping pressure. I remember thinking they were tight when I bought them but I put them on my 4" monitor speakers overnight and it fixed them for me. 




Durability is very good, I have used these for years and they seem to be holding up quite admirably. The cushioning appears to be nearly as good as when I bought them. The plastic design may feel flimsy in hand but no cracks or noticeable stress has occurred. I thought I blew out the right driver because I accidentally cranked them to unbelievable volume one morning trying to figure out why my desk speakers sounded so weird, turns out the 515's were just screaming away, fully audible to me and the other person watching the video but have come out unscathed. 

4/5 for plastics used.



This is going to be difficult. They are polite. Bass is reasonably tight has a bit of punch. To me it could go down just a bit farther, they roll of at about 50Hz. The highs are recessed but present though not spectacular. Mids and vocals are very clear, not the most brilliant sounding but in the $50 range they are unreal. Timber in the mid bass to  mid range is very good, these. If you want to jam to a Cello these phones are for you.  Sound stage is good, it can get slightly confused in some rock tracks, especially very fast ones. They aren't boring, but are warm and a maybe a bit slow.

I find them to be fairly accurate and will not forgive a bad recording of anything. They sort of tip-toe around the sound as if they might offend you if they are too exciting. 



Value, This is the can of worms. Once available for $50 before discontinued. If you can get a used set for $50 do it. If you can't, I would skip these and pick up the 518 for about the same price as these currently sell for.



Not a "must have" headphone but next to the HD 580 they are probably the most under rated Sennheiser ever. I find they even sound like a cheaper HD 580 but without a hard of punching bass.


Pros: natural sound, clear mids, deep bass,comfortable

Cons: highs r not crisp, soundstage do not match elder bro hd555 or hd595.

i bought these headphones for $50 without bill(discontinued everywhere). before burn in the sound was little harsh when amped with fiio e6 ,e11,e7,e18. so i used the bass settings on the amp.. well after 20-30 day wow the mids and highs improved a lot and the bass was tighter and deeper then my hd439.. the mids were crisp but i like the hd 595 more as the soundstage is much wider with highs r well balanced. i was shocked when i compared them to my hd700 . the sound signature was almost the same with right amount of bass. well hd700 r some other league still at this price the headphone could match its sound signature and the amount of bass.. we really cant compare the mids , highs the soundstage.. it would be unfair for the hd515. the wire is very long(3 meters) . i use them with my tv too.. and i was watching fast5 yesterday was so amazed by the the sound quality. well i use fii0 e18 with my tv. 

sennheiser provide a 3.5 adapter which is very handy with portable devices. i bought the cover from sennheiser for $10.. (i feel that they should provide hp bag). they r open headphones. i really dont know what ear technology do..i know the theory part of it but when i try to compare it with the non ear technology hps like hd439 ,hd205, px100 ii..well i am a sennheiser fan boy. i will buy beats if sennheiser launches it.. all the beats lovers these r beasts against the beats studios and detox. my frnd r noobs they buy beats and skullcandys so i get a chance to listen to them and make fun of them.. for me the hd515 has warm sound.. these can be amped to gv brighter sound. hd515+ fiio e11=hd595+fiio e6 imo. 

well i wanted them as i am a headphone collector and music enthusiast. i know they are not available anywhere now.. so grab the fabricated or the new ones (without the bill). 

hd205<hd429<hd238<hd239<hd438<hd439<hd515<hd595<koss ksc75<px100ii<hd598<hd650<hd800<hd700<beyer dynamics tesla t1.. i hv many amps as i never sell the product i buy.

imho i really love the sound of ksc75 and px100 ii..i am not comparing it with iems i think they r really different when compared to onear or over headphones.


Pros: Cheap, moderately good

Cons: Headband pealage out of the box, plastic cracking

Moderately good sound quality. (First 'good' headphone, so my opinion may be flawed)
Good headphones to start with. No need for an amp or DAC. They'll do just fine for anything you want! My sound knowledge isn't amazing yet, I apologize.
Sennheiser HD 515 Headphones

The HD 515 is a classic headphone and an affordable entry into the audiophile 500 series. It's perfect for listening with virtually any source. It is fitted with Sennheiser's innovative E.A.R. technology, plus special Duofol diaphragms that reduce unwanted resonances to an absolute minimum. Overall listening pleasure is combined with outstanding comfort.

FeatureOutstanding comfort for long listening sessions
Height0.39 inches
Length0.39 inches
Weight0.56 pounds
Width0.39 inches
List Price$129.95
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleSennheiser HD-515 Audiophile 500 Series Headphones
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Special Featuresnv: Model^HD515 | Design^Headphones in black with silver earcup caps | Frequency Response^14 26,000 Hz | Frequency Characteristics^Diffuse field equalized | Transducer Principle^Dynamic, open | Impedance^120 Ohms | THD^ 0.2 | Ear Coupling^Circumaural | Cable^10 ft cable, OFC, single-sided, changeable | Weight^9 oz | Packaging-Design^Unique packaging with blistered product on display inside | Packaging Dimensions W x H x D^8.25 x 9.65 x 3.95 inches
Product Type Subcategory2300799
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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