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Warm natural sound with some coloration

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Sennheiser HD 497

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Pros: Great general performance, very comfortable, value for money

Cons: Ear pads where off after about 7 years use. But replaceable parts.

These are a wonderful pair of cans. They sound warm and natural but with some bias towards the upper end but this is not bad at all unless you are looking for absolute flat response. For general listening they are a gem. Highly recommended. They went out of production in the mid 2000's and replaced by EH350.


Bias towards the upper end? Uh, they definitely are a bit on the bassy side. Treble is kinda odd, you do get some sibilance but there must also be a big hole somewhere. Balance wise, I much prefer the old HD420SL. Reasonably easy to drive though. "Odd" also describes comfort, at least if your ears stick out a bit. Overall, not bad, but not great either.
It doesen't take much to get a perfect score for SQ in your book.. :)
Sweden you have to look at from a price perspective. I believe for this price point these cans deliver. If you look around the web you will fine the majority of owners are happy with them. I am not trying to compare these to a $1500 HD 800 in terms of sound quality :P. Sgrossklass for $60 holes in the spectrum is a given with most cans, again this is not a high end pair. Not to say that there are better cans for the money, personally I am happy with them. They performed consistantly for ten years. Only had to replace the cord last year. I don't think the bass goes deep enough to classify them as bassy; this again is my personal observation and is subject to bias.
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