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Sennheiser HD 497


Pros: Great general performance, very comfortable, value for money

Cons: Ear pads where off after about 7 years use. But replaceable parts.

These are a wonderful pair of cans. They sound warm and natural but with some bias towards the upper end but this is not bad at all unless you are looking for absolute flat response. For general listening they are a gem. Highly recommended. They went out of production in the mid 2000's and replaced by EH350.


Pros: Balanced highs and mids, strong plastic

Cons: Tacky, a bit harsh sounding, lacks subbass, cable tends to break by the jacks, fit issues for people with large ears

This is an old highest end model of entry level headphone line by Sennheiser model, now replaced by the likes of HD 495.

Decent headphone for rock and trance. Lacks subbass and has grainy timbre. Definitely not what I'd call neutral, but it keeps the bass/mid/high balance decently for entry level.

Extension is ok for an entry level pair.

Cable tends to break by all three jacks - however is easy to replace, though the headphone side jacks are rare 2,5mm mono ones.


HD 497 leak a lot of sound and provide very little isolation, so are completely unsuitable for portable usage.

Comfort is okayish, though they can get a bit sweaty after very long usage.

Small circumaural fit is not for everyone. Headband is only adjustable in pretty large steps.

On the plus side for build quality, the plastic used is pretty much indestructible.

Sennheiser HD 497

Outdated highest end model of Sennheiser entry level open-back headphones.

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