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great neutral sound, tough, and light

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 450 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 450 Headphones

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Pros: reliability and simplcity, easy to dismantle and reassemble - with a nice cable that doesn't break when you tread on it by accident :)

Cons: slight sound leakage from surroundings, and the ear pads wear out, but are very easy to replace

i've had a pair of these since the mid-90s. i used them intensively for years as a roving radio reporter: you can dismantle them in seconds so they take up almost no space in a bag


i've also used them for long periods while editing: they're comfy and have a neutral sound which means the ambient sound is very clear


one nice thing is the cable attachments: they use a socket rather than a fixed joint. the cable is long (good) and but when a clumsy person gets them trapped underfoot when standing up from the mixing desk chair, they just pull out instead of breaking. something else i like is that it's easy to push one side back a little so you can hear your surrounding while still getting a decent sound from that channel


i still use mine today. these have to be some of the best value cans ever, as they weren;t that pricey to begin with, and mine have lasted 17 years now. i'm on the fourth set of pads and i covered the worm-out padding on the 'U' bit ages ago with the kind of foam wrap you can use for bicycle handlebars


now if they only made them in a cordless version :)

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Nice thread, I have these phones also, and only just re-started using them, after finding some ear cushions to fit via the web at £2 for two pairs....bit fiddly to fit but got there in the end..nice and light to wear, nice sound compared to my other more expensive phones..these cost £28 when first came out about 1993....where the hd 480 about £38... both are 70 omh.
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