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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones

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Pros: Light weight (compared with previous, with batteries).

Cons: High frequency/ techno vocals hurt my ears; flat/unexciting sound (missing low and mid-range?)

I just bought them (89€) and compared with my 50€ Wireless Philips... so dissapointed. With these 449 the high ferquencies hurt my ears, and the techno songs I had on my youtube playlists seem so flat. I try back with the half-of-their-price Philips and the exciting and uplifting sound comes back.


Next workday I'll be returning them.



1-No amp. Directly plugged to my macbook. That is not important: if my wireless Philips SHC5100/10 almost half-priced sound great in it, these HD449 should too.

2-Mistake? Every model of headphones have good and bad opinions, depending of the person likes and the type of music. In the shops of your city you have an isolated cabin to try the products? Great for you.

3-why roll eyes when talking about youtube playlists? I listen to the songs I like and they sound different (worse).


I am doing a moderate "break-in" as I've read in some webs (moderate volume, differents music styles, silences). If it's true, nice; if not, I lose nothing trying it, so don't blame on it.

I have found a single song that sounds great with the Philips, and when I put the 449 I find that clearly sounds worse, and the vocals and high instruments hurt my ears (yes, real). Seems that I'm not the only one with this issue with Senn HD4XX. If that does not improve in 10 days I'll return (or exchange).


Update for bonami2

"Good headphone will make youtube sound crap lol it compressed to death" --> and how does the compression make the simpler Philips sound great? Come on, man.

Also, my ears hurs after some hours; I imagine the cushion/foam needs to adapt.


Last update: finally I got Sony MDR-V55 after trying some at the audio store. That is music!!!


Did you try using an amp?
did you try thinking about the mistake you have made for buying a pair of headphones and not researching or even trying them out?
Do tell me more about your source - Youtube playlists. :rolls eyes:
Good headphone will make youtube sound crap lol it compressed to death
Actually @bonami2 could be right..
For example, paly a 1080p blueray movie and its 1080p bdrip compressed to 1.5GB on a HQ,HD 1080p screen and you will see the difference in video quality. Whereas you watch both of them on an average quality 720p screen and they will look the same..!
I think you should try them after burn in and with high quality music downloaded from a good source or a dvd album etc.
~~Dude... Have you tried the bass mode? Apparently not. You see, I had been having the exact same opinion about these, but after trying the bass mode (full mode, all 3 holes open plus the towel mode to ..cut down the bass a bit!) I LOVE them! Also have the HD-439, full bass moded them as well. If you still have them, go for the bass mode and forget about other headphones!
Oh man, i ordered the 449 and they will be delivered tomorrow. I'm gonna allow around 40 hours of break in before i decide but after reading this, i'm worried. Its not too bad i can always return them for something else. At this 80 dollar price point does anyone have any recommendations on closed back headphones? I have my HD598's at home but i want something that sounds great for out of the house.
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