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Sennheiser HD 449 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


One of the better headphones for all genres

First, I should note that I auditioned these both straight out of the box, without any break-in time and then later after 53 hours of break-in. Recent scientific studies have shown definite differences between new headphones and used headphones in frequency response; of course, "better" is a subjective impression outside the realm of science, but the studies confirm that reviewers are not imagining things. I heard no significant sound difference in this case, other than perhaps a little overall smoothness (so these are not phones that require major break-in to sound their best - unlike some others). My overall impression is that the HD449's are a very versatile and enjoyable product,...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: Light weight (compared with previous, with batteries).

Cons: High frequency/ techno vocals hurt my ears; flat/unexciting sound (missing low and mid-range?)

I just bought them (89€) and compared with my 50€ Wireless Philips... so dissapointed. With these 449 the high ferquencies hurt my ears, and the techno songs I had on my youtube playlists seem so flat. I try back with the half-of-their-price Philips and the exciting and uplifting sound comes back.   Next workday I'll be returning them.   Update: 1-No amp. Directly plugged to my macbook. That is not important: if my wireless Philips SHC5100/10 almost half-priced sound great in it, these HD449 should too. 2-Mistake? Every model of headphones have good and bad opinions, depending of the person likes and the type of music. In the shops of your city you have an isolated cabin...
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Noobie's perspective


Pros: Great detailed sound, very modern looking, good isolation, feel solid in the hands

Cons: So far not good with all genres (especially ones with electric sounding instruments), padding feels stiff

I'm not experienced in this field so I will mostly talk about the characteristics of the headphones that don't have to do with sound.  But I will still talk about the sound as best to my abilities.  I also would take my descriptions of the sound as a generalization rather than specifics because I said before I have little experience and would hardly call myself an "audiophile".   Packaging and Accessories Comes in a simple plastic box surrounding the headphones.  Nothing to write home about.  You get a carrying bag with a pull rope to close it.  It seems to be durably made of fabric and so far has seem to make a nice plus for its portable use. ...
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Not great with all genres but good anyhow


Pros: Good soundstage, smooth mids, comfy, lightweight and portable, nice with "gentle" music

Cons: A bit bass light, could be more sensitive to signals.

I purchased these as my first "Audiophile headphones" a couple of years ago, and have since purchased better pairs. The good news is that they still work perfectly. They are lightweight, comfortable and not as flimsy as they feel, however for people with larger ears they will not fully fit and will feel like very big on-ears phones. They do not leak much sound and the isolation is OK but if your not playing music, anything above a moderate crowd throng will come through quite clearly. The sound quality is very good in terms of mid to treble response, detail and sound stage width, and is very appealing for vocals and more relaxed genres of music as well as. Sadly the bass is slightly...
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Ian T

So far very pleased for the price I paid.


Pros: Price

Cons: None yet

I have only bought these headphones today, so haven't used them properly to rate yet. I had been thinking of buying my first pair of quality headphones for around two weeks now. I had narrowed it down to either Bose, Audio-Technica or Sennheiser. Was prepared to spend up to $250, then came across a pair of Sennheiser HD 558 advertised at JB HIFI for $145.60 on the web, a saving of $62.40. So off I go to buy them but you guessed it they had none. So I noticed JB had 30% off all Sennheiser so I grab a pair of HD 449 instead at a measly cost of $97.96. That will do for my first pair of decent headphones. For anyone who is interested, JB have a special on Sennheiser Urbanite XL for only...
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Pros: Light weight, comfortable, detailed, balanced, wide frequency response

Cons: Some may think the bass is lacking but, they are remenicent of my old electrostatics

It is hard to find a pair of isolating headphones that won't rob the bank leaving a bitter after taste, a feeling of being conned, misled or otherwise suckered into filling another segment of that rapidly filling cupboard you so do not want the wife to find out about, you know, the one that is festooned with average, over priced abandoned audio kit.   In this case, the the phones were on special at £25 (retail normally £80) in Sainsbury's (a national supermarket).   Sennheiser is a name that is relatively reliable though that cupboard has a number of big S abandoned new kit.   So why try these.    I suppose I was facing despair and a lack of major funds....
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Was nice back then.


Pros: Nice sound, good looks.

Cons: Weak build.

This is just an re-post of one of my first head-fi reviews from 2012, I hope Sennheiser is working on a newer version of these HD4X8 series headphones.   Caution:- This article has serious grammatical mistakes, do forgive them.    This is the newest edition to the headphones from sennheiser , the last batch of hd 4xx were some of the best in class acts . the hd 448 was topper under $100 segment . the hd 428 were nice too , but now there is this batch to take their place . Can the hd 449 replace the old good hd 448 ? i may not be able to tell you that , cuz i dont have the hd 448 , but you guys can help me in there . Now what i am gona compare it to is the hd 238 , my...
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Pros: Great highs, well-defined mids, balanced lows

Cons: Can't handle lows that well

Great for 

First impressions of a noob


Pros: Good isolation. Extension cable and pouch are nice touch

Cons: None so far, than again, what do I know

Just got the headphones. It took me a great deal to settle with them as these are my first headphones in this price-range.Till now I was using the HD201 headphones from Sennheiser, but wore off the last pair so decided to try out something new. Confort As other Sennheiser models, earcups rotate and tilt. Headstrip is padded, and adjustable in length, gives a good but not too firm grip. I have a big head and they fit me perfectly. The earcups are oval and a bit small. It takes some time to adjust them, once there it's confy for an hour or two, but not a headphone to wear all day, not for us with big ears. Sound I'm not a conaisseur, so don't expect me to say things like "even...
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Will have a niche following


Pros: Lightweight, Neutral, Balanced, Stylish

Cons: Cheap build quality, Flat/unexciting sound, Low sensitivity, Narrow ear pads

I'll give a quick overview of my thoughts on the 449's here, but if you want a full review, you can check out a complete breakdown here:   HD 449 Review   My quick thoughts on the HD 449 is that it has a decent sound in that it's tonally accurate as it has a very neutral sound.  The bass, midrange and treble are all well balanced throughout the volume range but overall the sound just lacks that level of detail that gets you tapping your feet and nodding your head.  The one huge plus of the HD 449's is they are super lightweight.  You'll barely notice these things on your head.  To get more detailed information check out the review above, and for...
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True Successor of the HD 448


Pros: Great Clear Highs, Great Clear Mids, Excellent Clarity

Cons: Slight Bass but still Good and Better than HD 448

NOTE: Not for Bass Heads, you will not be satisfied     
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