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Signature Sennheiser sound in a budget

A Review On: Sennheiser HD-448

Sennheiser HD-448

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Pros: Full lush mids, comfortable

Cons: Sennheiser veil

I am new to headfi and this is my second review. I apologize if its not very helpful.


These entry level cans from sennheiser give a good taste of their higher end models have in store. First how they sound.


These have very good mid range. Nice lush and full. Treble is slightly rolled off, giving them dark sound signature and slight sennheiser veil. It is present and clear but does not have any sparkle. This gives them a dark sound signature. Good thing is there is absolutely no hissing or sibilance present.


Bass is rather interesting. A layer of bass is present that makes its presence known. Its very high quality bass with good clarity and definition, and is probably closer to what it actually sounds like in person. But will definitely disappoint a bass head ( they will probably insult them with an awful compliment). In my opinion, these are rather genre specific and sound great with rock, classical bot not so good with rap, hip-hop or any kind of electronic music with lots of treble, as they are dark sounding. Overall they are pretty neutral sounding, very inoffensive, quiet mellow.


Comfort is very good and their sound signature along with comfort encourages long listening sessions.


Build quality is good, its mostly made of plastic but is a solid construction and looks good as well. As they are closed back, they do isolate a bit of sound but nothing too impressive.


Amping: Recommend a good source, dac and amp if possible as it brings lots more detail.


bravo on the review
it's pretty consice
Nice review! Found amping tightened up the bass a bit. Unfortunately I didn't find these very comfortable. Those ear cups were just a bit too tiny.
"Overall they are pretty neutral sounding, very inoffensive"
I must've gotten a different headphone then. The HD448 I've got has dull highs, totally ear-rape blaring mids and just a hair more low-end than the HD201's they replaced (because they literally fell apart after 3 years).
IMO they were a total waste of money if they can't even out-do the most basic 20euro HD201's
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