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Sennheiser HD-448 Reviews

Positive Reviews


Signature Sennheiser sound in a budget


Pros: Full lush mids, comfortable

Cons: Sennheiser veil

I am new to headfi and this is my second review. I apologize if its not very helpful.   These entry level cans from sennheiser give a good taste of their higher end models have in store. First how they sound.   These have very good mid range. Nice lush and full. Treble is slightly rolled off, giving them dark sound signature and slight sennheiser veil. It is present and clear but does not have any sparkle. This gives them a dark sound signature. Good thing is there is absolutely no hissing or sibilance present.   Bass is rather interesting. A layer of bass is present that makes its presence known. Its very high quality bass with good clarity and definition, and is...
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Negative Reviews


Sennheiser HD448, Low Quality Sennies.


Pros: Excellent Sound

Cons: Poorly constructed, poor isolation, expensive

Sennheiser HD448 A sub-$100 champ, or a stinker?   I picked up a pair of HD448's after reading about their sound out of curiosity, while looking at closed back headphones for the purpose of having a good sounding portable, and having enjoyed the signature of Sennheiser (HD580's) for over a decade, I figured they would make a quality headphone. So let's take a look at what the HD4xx series had to offer on it's higher end. These headphones are in the sub-$100 bracket (usually $99, and found them down in the $60's on a sale; can be had for much less if used).   Construction, Materials and Comfort:   When you pick them up, they feel like a toy. I'm not accustomed...
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More Reviews


Underrated headphone


Pros: Timing, punch, stage, bass, balanced yet forgiving, manufacturing quality

Cons: too mellow, highs could have more bite, too small, the fit is not for everyone

I don´t understand why so many people don´t like these headphones. And IF they are loved by some people even then the descriptions of its sound differs so much that I always wonder if people were actually listening to the same headphone. I can only say that I loved them right out of the box on my portable player: the bass really goes deep (and I mean deep bass frequencies from 30-80 Hz) but does so without being pretentious, frequencies around 90-150 Hz have punch (but not that much "weight"), the lower mids are very warm and everything else above is very balanced yet a bit smoothed. Female voices are sounding fantastic, they have a body and a chest without being overtly pronounced....
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Not bad, not great


Pros: Light, tossable, closed, moderate isolation, decent value

Cons: Sound is poor unamped, doesn't take to amplication very well

These headphones are kind of an enigma. They look like cheap crap, feel like cheap crap, and unless you amp them properly, sound like cheap crap too. With a good amp these phones WILL go deep with tight detailed bass. The enigma here is that yes, these CAN sound good, but you will need to spend $$$ on an amp. At that point you have to ask yourself, if you spent money on an amp, should you in turn spend money on headphones? Yeah, you probably should... If you can find a cheap amp that has some real current (it plugs into a wall not a USB port) then you should be good to go.   Treble: Dry, slightly fatiguing, detailed and airy with a good amp.   Mids: Slightly recessed...
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