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Fantastic but cheaply made and needs the burn-in

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

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Pros: great SQ, great modding capabillities, comfortable, very light, aesthetics, surprisingly durable

Cons: very plasticky, needs burn-in for full potential, needs modding for full potential, aesthetics


Sennheiser has always been well-renowned for their high-end headphones, why in fact their flagships cover most of the top 5 headphones, but what about their low-end headphones? Are they good enough to distinguish themselves? And I'm here to say, after about half a year that they are indeed quite well-rounded headphones.




The packaging is basic and get's job done. The headphones themselves come with an extra cable (more on that later) and an 1/4 inch gold-plated adapter for special equipment which is a nice touch for those that have the equipment



Despite the fact that these headphones look open they are very much closed and therefore isolate you from background noise however the velour pads on these leak a bit of sound out for other people to hear but you won't hear them.


                                                         Soundstage/Instrument Sep.

Now you won't be getting any amazing soundstaging or euphoric instrument seperation  but these do have their own little funky character when comes to their somewhat small soundstage. Because of the grill there is the possibility to drill holes and make them semi-open, but then again that is your choice.


                                                             Sound Signature

Classic Sennheiser sound sig. is present here and it can be darkener/funner/warmer if you decide to mod them as well as made a bit more laidback and grow more of a ''ballsy'' sound sig.


Despite what the packaging says these have un-assisted bass that doesn't extend at first but then after burn-in they have very punchy and extended but not muddy bass that can be modded to be made stronger tighter and louder which actually helps the mids and highs grow more of a ''ballsy'' but laidback sound sig.



The mids and sub bass are great in my opinion with a nice tone to it as well as great extension.



The highs have a nice sparkle and decay to them that seems to be right in the middle of too much and not enough but tipping slightly to too much.


                                                                                                  Build Quality/Design

This unfortunately is where the headphone starts to fall apart. These headphones are almost completely made of very cheap but strong plastic that doesn't feel good in the hands, but is by no means uncomfortable and is actually the exact opposite as it is one of the most comfortable and light headphones I've ever used. The headphones also feature a finicky, but useful cable swapping system that is alright. The cables are made of a strange rubbery, plasticky substance that makes it not very thick but alright in terms of durability, the cable that is stock is 1.4 meters the long cable is 3 meters for when your output source  is a bit of ways away. These headphones seems to have a hit or miss look with people as I've been given weird looks or people have come up to me and asked what type of headphones they are as they try to keep their jaws from hitting the floor.


This is a great somewhat under-appreciated headphone that I think is great for those who want their first pair or someone who wants to start getting into the modding scene, and with it's strong durability, very light and comfy design and the practicality of swappable cables makes these great for portability.



p.s. Thank you for reading my first review and leave some criticism on how I wrote it if you would like, HAVE A GREAT DAY!!


Can you give me the link to the 439 mods?
Mmm cheaply made?! I dont think so. The headphone feels light in the hands but is no cheaply made, i think is light for maximum comfort. Mine have 1 year going strong, and I do not much care of things.
Does it normal to hear some rattling sounds especially at higher volume for this headphone ? Ex: For Song Imagine - John Lennon , i am hearing some rattling noise at high volume (more than 60%) , I am using the .vlac format file. 
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