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After a few days, spectacular.

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

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Pros: wide range, just enough bass, comfort, accurate, lightweight

Cons: takes a while of burn in, build quality

These are about all i asked for for X-mas, yet i did not get them (not upset at all). I took my money the next day and went out to get a pair from my local Best Buys (which has them at a regular price of $79.99). 

As soon as i got home, I plugged it up to my guitar amp to jam a bit, on a clean setting, there was some initial popping. I began to get worried. After i turned up the gain, they sounded great. Now there is no popping at all unless I just play entirely too hard or loud. 

I also notice, through these, a massive difference between ALAC files and AAC files. I re-downloaded a lot of my music yesterday as ALAC or FLAC files (lossless) and put those on my itunes and ipod.


Sound: People try to complain about the bass quantity in these, but i think it is just enough. There isn't too much bass to where it drowns out the rest of the music, but there is enough to where you can, at some points, feel it. It is the perfect balance. I'm not even planning on purchasing any pocket amp as i originally intended. beyersmile.png The highs are crisp and accurate, and the bass complements the songs instead of making them. It's great!


Design: The plastic on these feels as if it could have been better, however, for the price i paid, im not complaining. I usually look for sound quality for the price. If design is what you want, these look nice, but feel rather cheap... until you put them on. My only other concern is the chords it comes with seems like they will snap if run over by a rolling chair. 

Comfort: Let me start out by stating that i wear glasses. This was initially a worry, because most headphones make my glasses dig into my head. I could wear these for hours. They are not heavy, fit nicely around the ears, and have just enough clamping force. if i shake my head too fast they will slip and re-position themselves, but they don't cause my glasses to dig into my head, and fit nicely around them. The isolation is average, but if you turn them up a bit, you won't hear anything else. Leakage is pretty minimal. Could be a little bit better, but what could you complain about? 


Overall These are a great pair of cans. You can't go wrong, but upon initial purchase, just be patient with them and keep playing your music through them. Bad recordings will stick out like a sore thumb through these as well, so if you are having a bad time with them, check your recordings. I would recommend these to anyone that enjoys both quality and comfort from their headphones. 


Good review, these headphones are not recessed like a certain popular recommendation here
I like this review it feels honest and no biased like many around here that probably fill you ap with useless jargon to avoid explaining how they felt their music talking about their better phones instead
Pretty accurate review. When I first got my 439s I was amazed about how comfortable they were (same glasses impediment as you). Also, the burn in period was quite long. It took about 30-40 hours to notice that they really come to life. Overall, a decent pair of cans.
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