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Sennheiser HD439

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

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Kosmik Panda
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Pros: Sound quality, Comfort, Look, Detachable Cables.

Cons: Cant do my chores.



Just yesterday I went down to my local best buy and picked up these cans, and wow am I glad I bought these. Everything about them is awesome. The ear cups and headband pads are a velour type material really soft and comfy for hours.  700


There are two things wrong with these headphones, 1. Where you adjust the size of the headband it is kind of weak. 2. Can't do my chores.

These cans sound awesome with all kinds of music from jazz to rap it all sounds good. Crisp clean vocals and bass, nice mids and highs also! I will post an update after about a week of listening.

The looks of these headphones I think are really cool, the mesh grille is a nice touch. Flat black and a sort of shiny silver color outside of the grille.

Overall these are a great pair of cans, detachable cable is a great touch by Sennheiser thats one of the main reasons I got these too, the cable holds in very nicely, you have to give it quite a big tug to get it to come out. It come with a 4ft long cable, and a 10ft long cable for home use (also a 1/4 adapter for home use). I am going to use them to game quite a bit also so I will update how they are with gaming in my next update in a week or so. If you are looking for a nicely priced headphones that is awesome in every way, get these. A great pair of cans for a great price! Note: This review is my first, and the cans are umamped.700

Thank you for reading hope it helped!


EDIT: After one week of listening these babies sound better than when I got them, the bass really tightened up I used them a lot for gaming and they sound miles better than my Turtle Beach X11's.  Watched the Dark Knight before I go see The Dark Knight Rises, and they do sound great with movies, music, games I haven't found something that they don't sound good with! After the weeks past I love these even more than before!


Chael Sonnen : ATH-M50 you absolutely suck !!!!
Good review , when you update it in a week tell use how it sounds with movies
I upgraded from the HD 439's to my current HD 558's and I must say I sure do miss the 439's I had, after a hundred hours or so burn in they started to sound really good, sound stage really opened up, either my ears got used to them or they burned in.
Thank you doberman i will do movies and gaming in my update :D
what type of amp would you suggest with this? i'm thinking about buying a pair.
Well buy it for sure first of all, and with amps, are we talking DAC or portable? For portable a cost effective FiiO e5/6 or e11, and with dac im not sure. Im really not sure about any amps really lol, go to the portable amp section of the forum and ask there. Sorry :(
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