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Great Value, True Sound

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 439 Headphones

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Pros: Great Sound Quality, Reasonable Price, Removable Cable, Comfortable

Cons: Itchy Earpads, Possible Build Issues

I got an amazing deal for these on ebay for $50! Only downside is I did not get the original packaging.

Build Quality:

These are a all plastic designed, open-backed pair of headphones. And because of this, music leaks a lot and doesn't work too well in noisy areas. Fairly stylish, very lightweight, and very comfortable. The earpads however due collect dirt, dust, hair, and other gross things.. Making the earpads itchy after time. The headband adjusts quite a bit, perfect if you have a large head or are wearing a hat. But it looks like it could snap after enough wear and tear.

Sound Quality:

Out of the box, these headphones sounded outstanding. A little bit distorted at first, but after enough use and "burn-in", the cans really open up, sound smooth as ever and keeps everything in control. The overall sound seems very flat, very warm sounding.. Sounds great in just about every genre.


For the price of $100.. You really can't go wrong with these. They sound amazing.


I also own HD439 and it is definitely not open-backed. The isolation is not that bad and I even vacuum the house using it.
Yes, the HD439 is actually a closed back, don't be fooled by the open looking grille design of the earcups.
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