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Nice headphone Indeed

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 429 Headphones Black

Sennheiser HD 429 Headphones Black

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Pros: Lightweight, Durable Build Material, Smooth Bass (as in the taglines), Nice Comfort, Crisp Sound

Cons: Unnecessarily long cable, Not Enough Clamping Force (for me), Sound-staging Not as Much as Expected.

This is my first circumaural over-the-ear headphone. I've own it for almost a year by now, and I am pretty much delighted with the sound quality, pretty reasonable with the price ($80). I love this headphone.


Build Quality and Comfort

This headphone made with a polycarbonate material like, it is unexpectedly durable. I don't have any issue with any clacking part when I am moving around or shaking my head, it is very well made. This headphone even-tough big, it is lightweight. No issue with longer listening time.


This headphone comes with a leather-like material, well padded. It's kinda shallow in my ears so the drivers would touch the ears, not really comfort for longer listening period. It might sweat a lot in a warm environment. Much prefer with the wool ear-cups. The clamping force is just enough, I assume that they are built like that so they will just sit on the head, but it is quite loose so it might slide off your head if you lying down on bed. I found it hard to find a perfect 'sit' because of that clamping force, but, I have to tell that once you got the fit, you can listen to it like hours without rest. 


The cable is very thin and unnecessarily long. It pretty good in withstand regular use, but it might easily get ripped (if you have dogs perhaps). I can say that I don't have any issue at all with microphonic, not even a blip.


It is big, doesn't look so stylish, and it is not portable, so not recommended for outdoor use. There's no included carrying case. I can say that it is leaked the sound and might let ambience sounds flew in as well. I used it while commuting in train, and I have to crank it to the maximum volume while at home I can play it only half volume (I hope that would image it enough)


Sound Quality


The bass is dynamic, right in the best portion for me. I am not a bass head, so if you look for something bassy, look somewhere else. It can go quite deep. This headphone can take more advantage with the use of amplifier. Believe me, the bass can extend but it wont bleed or muddled that much. It is smooth and well-controlled. Might get a bit tubby for some people. Not as soft as 598 though.


It's kinda laid back with vocals. It might push the vocal but just a little bit behind. The detail is there, just enough. The mids are crisp and clear. The sound-staging is not as I expected from a big headphones, as well as the sound imaging, not so distinct.


The treble might get a little harsh at the very high frequencies. I don't hear much sparkle from the treble but it is still fun to hear. But it is crisp enough just like the mids. They don't sound so distinct like what happen in Momentum On-Ear or HD25.


For the price $80 this cans can pleased you, if you can get it at $60 this is really nice bargain. If you want something to use while commuting, this is not the best option since they're so big and doesn't look that stylish, also doesn't blocked out noise so well. I would much prefer it to stay at home.


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