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Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones Reviews

Dobrescu George

Closed back Sennheiser made for monitoring!


Pros: Clean sound, Neutral signature, Fast transients, Comfortable, Lightweight, Well built, Good soundstage

Cons: Linear bass, Slight roll off in treble, Coiled cable by default

          Introduction   HD380Pro - the first serious headphone that I owned. I actually bought HD380Pro together with an AKG K271MKII at that moment, but I decided to only keep HD380Pro as I preferred the better bass reproduction it offered. I found it in the meanwhile that the rather poor driving power of cowon J3 - wasn't really enough to properly drive the mighty K271MII and this is why I didn't really like the sound. I did return to K271MKII later, and it does sound very good, but you need a good DAP to drive it, either a FiiO X3ii or a FiiO X5ii or X5-3.    My audio adventure was just starting when I got Hd380 and I'm glad I bought...
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Jack Design could be better


Pros: I agree with most of the Pro's with other reviewers. These headphones sound awesome.

Cons: The Jack started to become defective and within a month, no more sound. Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return them. I had them 32 days.

The Jack started to become defective and within a month, no more sound.  Luckily, Amazon allowed me to return them.  I had them 32 days, and the cutoff was 30 days.    I am torn with purchasing another one or searching for something else.   The sound quality was amazing.  I only needed them for home so they were not intended to be used at the gym or during commuting.   I did routinely connect it to my tablet for phone.  The weight of the cord wanted to drag my device around.  I had to secure the cord to ensure my phone or tablet did not get pulled to the floor from the table.   Keep these factor in mind.

Amazing for everything I listen to!!!


Pros: Sound, fit, comfort, build quality, design with carrying case.

Cons: Removable cable yes, but...

  I have to start once again with saying that I love the sound signature of Sennheiser so I might have a biased opinion with these headphones. I think these are a definite step up from the 280’s. The sound from both sides of the spectrum and everything in between is just smooth and sounds great. I do not listen to any EDM or anything with a lot of electronic beats, etc… I mostly listen to adult contemporary, country, rock, alternative, and jazz. I also like the portability, because the fold down flat and the included case is nice too. They do have a detachable cable, which is a plus but you can only use Sennheiser replacement cables with the similar fitting plug. It is an 1/8...
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Sennheiser was not kiddin about the PRO label.


Pros: Good amount of detail and also great passive noise isolation.

Cons: They will not sound good unless you use high quality sources. Minor coloration.

This was recommended to me by a friend and because of the other great reviews on the web I purchased a pair. What I can say is that it really brings out the details in music. Those low bit rate MP3's will not sound too good now. Bass is not exaggerated and highs are nice and smooth. The quality of the DAC is very important for this set of cans. The distortion in the mids were largely mitigated with the use of a high quality source (Guess my Xonar U1 was not not as good as I thought). They are highly detailed with a small amount of coloration due to the closed design which can be expected. 

The best I'v tried.


Pros: Good sound quality. Good comfort.

Cons: Seems to be optimized for "aviation noise"

I would rank this headphone as No:1 among the noise canceling head phones in respect to sound quality. Bose is to "bass heavy" for my likings, but  were better when it came to nois canceling. Sony were the best when it came to comfort, but not as good sound quality as the Senheiser. All in all this is the best among the 3 I'v tried. 

Complete nub


Pros: Can't hear my 2 year old when doing college work

Cons: too ignorant to know

I'm really happy with my choice, I was either going to get these for the DT770's and these went on sale so pulled the trigger. The cord is annoying at times but I deal with it.

good except the cord


Pros: great crisp sound

Cons: the coild 10 ft. cord

these are over all good there isn't much over lap of anything, i find it a great balance if your not trying to find a heavy bass head phone.

Amazing value grate sound


Pros: Better than expected sound, good value, sound stage very noticeable when amped.

Cons: Design could be better, annoying cord, uncomfortable in warm wether.

Very clear sound and linear. Base is under control and well defined but not laking. The source is important as I found that if used without a proper amp the sound stage was impacted greatly also with some clarity in some instances depending on the source I got distorted mid & highs (i.e. iPod) tested on a iBasso D6 stock
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