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A Fantastic Sub-200 Dollar Closed Back Studio Monitor (Move Over ATH-M50s!)

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

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Pros: Balanced sound, treble sparkle, silky smooth female voices, very detailed, tight mid and sub bass, very comfortable ear cups

Cons: Not very adjustable, clamping force, slight echo to the vocals (Senn trait), not the best noise isolation, ear cups get a little hot

I chose the HD380 Pros to replace my Audio-Technica M50s, and have not looked back ever since (except to compare the M50s to the HD380s with songs). Sound-wise the Senns are superior to the M50s in every way. More realistic bass, non-flabby but without losing impact, MUCH better mids, more refined treble, and the ear cups on the 380s are tremendously better than those on the M50s. Whereas the M50s sound best with electronic music such as house, drum n' bass and trance, the HD380 Pros are not only good for those genres, but are great for R&B, rock, jazz, soul, and pretty much every genre under the sun other than classical music (a little too bottom heavy). The HD380s have a more spacious soundstage imaging than the M50s, due to the cleaner, less wooly bass. Since the M50s are going up in price again, and the H380 Pros are going down from their 199 dollar MSRP, I highly recommend the HD380s over the M50s. They will treat your ears better with the roomier cups, and will never fatigue your ears from treble assaults and harsh female contralto vocals, unlike the M50s. Keep in mind that the HD380 Pros do sound their best with an amp, but will have no problem running off an iPhone, Macbook, iPad, Galaxy S4, etc. Also, the HD380 Pros have a user-replaceable cable. Highly recommended. 


I heard these... they definitely seemed to lack clarity compared to the M50. However the M50 also had the harshest treble I've ever heard so whatever.
I found the HD380s were better detailed than the m50s due to the less wooly bass. I think the spiky treble on the M50s DOES give you more of an impression of detail. But female vocals were so much better on the HD380 Pros than the M50s. No harsh sibilance whatsoever.
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