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Probably the best closed headphones in 0-200$ price range

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

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Pros: Almost linear reproduction ,very good controlled bass, clear mids, decent highs. Much better highs and perfect clear linear sound with decent Dac/amp

Cons: Only good dac/amp(at least fiioE7) can drive it to make good highs and overall very good sound (theyre little muddy with poor sources),no leather pads



Due to my poor skills in writing in English this review of Sennheiser hd380 will be pretty short.

Build quality and package:

Nice, good quality but only plastic build without any fancy design accents. Seems to be quite solid. Coiled cable is not perfet solution in day to day usage but is ok. Nice hard case for headphones. The included also big jack adapter. Cable can be detached (headphoned have mikro jack input).

Sound and comfort:

With poor source like laptop sound is bit muddy and not so clear, there is also lack od high tones - headphones are bit bassy and not so special.
When I used sansa clip mp3 player sound was much better but still it was not it, despites clips linear response. Bass was almost perfect, especially low end, but mids were little too strong and high to weak. Don`t get me wrong - sound was quite linear, but there was no perfect details clarity that i was expected - with it was only decent/good with pleasing bass especially in rock albums. Soundstage was quite wide. Hd380 and clip is good but not better than many closed headphones at this time.
Because clip is not powerful source I connected my hd380 to fiio e7 dac - which is better than its amp section. That was good idea. Bass is even more controlled, mids are more wide and neutral and highs are there where they are should be. Sound is analytic and crystal clear and that low bass provides lot of fun. I find that for me best sound is when fiios eq is set up on 0 or 1 (I prefer 0). Setting 3 is dedicated for bass heads. I think that hd380s can play even better with for example full scale dac.
Soundstage is wide for closed headphones but not so as in many good open ones. Some people that are used to use headphones with boosted lows and highs can disagree with my opinion but Sennheiser hd380 sound is very entertaining for me.

Headphones are comfortable but not perfect. They are pressing little more than most of others. Also material on pads is not ideal - i afraid about its durability. Coiled cable is sometimes annoying. They are isolating from environment good, but they could be better.

Sennheiser hd380 are cheap compared to quality that they provide - its perfect entry level choice. Don’t forget about decent source because only with good sound card or dac they can play like professional headphones


Buy it or at least try it


1 Comment:

Very nice review. I have owned the HD 380 for about 2 years, and the pads have no visible sign of wear. They are top notch build quality.
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