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Sennheiser HD-280 Professional Headphones

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Pros: Lightweight, Transparent sound, Budget Price

Cons: Not very musical, Little bass, Fatiguing Highs

These were my first pair of cans and since no one else has yet to submit a review for them I thought I would go ahead and write one.

First Glance:
These were made primarily for studio use and the have a very classic look to them. Nothing fancy. They come with a coiled cable that terminates with a 3.5mm jack with threads for the supplied ¼in adapter.

Build Quality:
The headband is made of kind of plastic along with the rest of the headphones. They have a leather-like pad on the headband and around the ear cups. There have been reports of the plastic headband cracking but my pair has seen no such damage. Overall the build quality is acceptable for a pair of headphones in this price range.

They are not particularly uncomfortable headphones but after an hour or so of listening they might begin to become uncomfortable. They are quite light feeling on your head compared to my AKG 271MKII's and feel almost like a pair of Grado’s expect a little heavier. They don’t have a really strong clamp on your head so that is not uncomfortable either. Overall they are pretty comfortable but there are more comfortable cans out there.

Now for the important part: How do they sound? I have probably put around 50 hours into these headphones and this review is based upon that experience in addition to the specific testing that I did. Here is my signal chain: Sony DVP-NC80V -> Gary’s PA2V2 -> Sennheiser HD 280 Pro. To me they seem to have an kind of neutral sound probably due the fact that they were meant to be used in the studio which makes me feel that are not great for enjoying music as they have an almost cold sound and at times the high frequencies can get fatiguing. The low end is present but it not very punchy, it is just neutral. Acoustic guitars and cymbals cut right through and stand out but at times are a too sharp and require you to turn down the volume. Since they are sort of cold they are also quite transparent and individual instruments usually stand out. The mids seemed to be recessed and vocals never really seem to jump out at you. Overall this causes a less than satisfactory listening experience because they never really bring the music to life. That doesn’t mean they aren’t good headphones. They are great in the studio for someone looking for budget mixing/mastering headphones because, like I said, they are transparent. They are great for monitoring due to their isolation which is quite good even when no music is playing.

These headphones are a great backup in the studio or for giving to performing musicians or just for the home recordist on a tight budget. Although I would not recommend them to a fellow Head-Fier who wants to use them to listen to music collection. In the $99 price range there are better headphones for enjoying music, maybe something like the Grado 60i’s. I hope this review is helpful.

Sennheiser HD-280 Professional Headphones

The HD280 Professional is Sennheiser's most significant closed, circumaural headphone to be introduced in years. Designed to exceed the demands of the professional environment, the HD280Pro boasts extremely robust construction combined with extensive features that meet the requirements of today's most demanding applications. The unique collapsible design combined with swiveling ear cups, offers maximum flexibility in any application.

FeatureEarpads, headband padding, and audio cord are easily replaceable, ensuring long life
Height8 inches
Length7 inches
Weight1 pounds
Width4 inches
List Price$149.95
ModelHD 280 Pro
MPNHD 280 Pro
Package Quantity1
Product GroupCE
Product Type NameHEADPHONES
TitleSennheiser HD-280 Professional Headphones
Batteries Included0
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Legal DisclaimerWarranty does not cover misuse of product.
Warranty2 years warranty
Number Of Items1
Special FeaturesThe HD-280 Pro is a closed-back, circumaural headphone designed for professional monitoring applications. With up to 32dB attenuation, its perfect for use in noisy environments, at live shows, and by DJ mixers! The HD-280 Pro features rugged design and optimum sensitivity thatll make even those wimpy headphone outs on synthesizers come alive - these babies are LOUD! The HD-280 Pro delivers detailed, natural reproduction of music and speech, and boasts a smooth frequency response from 8Hz to 2
Product Type Subcategory2300799
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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