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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

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Pros: Isolation, Grip, Build Quality, Cord (some extent; w/e connector)

Cons: Sound

I like these headphones when I know that I'm going somewhere where I wouldn't dare to take one of my more delicate headphones (e.g. Sr225is's). The primary reason being that they have never once fallen off of my head. Honestly, that's nearly all they've got going for them (aside from the OK base that comes from the excellent seal between your head and the cans when used with an OK amplifier).


The sound is otherwise lacking in low end, and the mid end is dry and somewhat overwhelming.



Other than the OK sound-stage an the bass (it plays hide-and-seek), there's not much worth mentioning.


Listened to:

- Pink Floyd - Money : The guitar line at the beginning was clear with resolute drums, but as components were progressively introduced, things began to get messy

- Gentle Giant - Just the Same : Things began to get muddy (There's a lot of texture in this track)

- Butthole Surfers - Human Canonball : Guitar was tepid

- Anne Bisson - September in Montreal : Bass was somewhat hidden, vocals were clear, but lacking overall satisfaction

- Bela Fleck (& Flecktones) - Blu-Bop (From Flight...) : Piano was somewhat hidden by the guitar

- PTX - Aha! : Low-end vocals were not easily discernible. Mid-end took the stage. Only voice with discernible timbre was mid-end.

- Mike Doughty - Monster Man : Bass was too present this time. 

- Mike Doughty - Super Bon Bon : Vocals were clear, the whole mix sounds OK, with the exception of the guitar samples (especially alongside vocals).

- (Pierre Moerlen's) Gong! - Time Is The Key : Finer details were hard to make out.


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