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2 YEARS of ownership and over 500 HOURS of burn in

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

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Pros: Great sound isolation, deep head vibrating BASS, nice treble, mids are slightly recessed but sound OK, great price to performance ratio

Cons: lacks much of a soundstage, can get somewhat uncomfortable after a few hours

I've owned these cans over 2 years and I've watched them mature like fine wine sitting in the barrel. When I first bought them I was surprisingly disappointed. I was expecting a lot more but found their sound to be tinny and weak. After many many many hours of burn in these cans really warmed up and showed coloration in a nice way. I like to compare these headphones to my DT880 600ohm cans for reference of sound. These cans are much more LIVELY while my DT800's are more ANALYTICAL and neutral. I would say the HD280s are much more suited to electronic/hip hop/ dubstep and any sort of bass heavy music that doesn't require a soundstage. I found my DT880s much better for rock/jazz/some electronic(progressive house) and a few other genres that require a large soundstage such as live performances and movies.


Overall, the HD280s take a long long time to burn in. I suggest burning them in for atleast 200 hours to see the full potential of them. These cans are an amazing steal and have incredible bass response for their price tag. My source right now is an HT Omega Claro 24-bit/192khz DAC to a Schiit Magni amp which sounds absolutely amazing. I prefer my HD280s for reggae and hip hop over my DT880s but would pick the DT880s for just about every other genre of music.


Here's the bottom line: let these cans mature and then they will put a WOW on  your face. I have compared the bass of these cans(500 hours burned in) to the Ultrasone Pro 900s my friend owns and I must say these can hold sub-bass frequencies surprisingly well while sitting next to the bass king Ultrasones which still reigned supreme over the HD280s.


For $99, I purchased them at discounted price for $78 I must say they are a complete STEAL. BUY THEM! NOW! If you have money to splurge I suggest you get the Ultrasone Pro 900s as they will crave your desire for BASS


I own the 280's and I would describe the bass as lacking or light, anything but deep.
@snrf The bass is just right. The sound is very well balanced and possibly the reason you feel it's lacking. Nothing is overemphasized at all. If anything it would be the mids that are a tad too pronounced.. but only so. I, personally, have never hear a more flat sounding headphone, especially in this price range.
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