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great budget can

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

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Pros: good sound, isolation, comfort

Cons: plastic construction, fixed cable

I'm a pro-sumer, not an audiophile, so I will not discuss the sound, really. These were purchased new, are still stock, not modded.

I have owned these cans for 2 years, so burn-in is complete. Full head of hair, no glasses, no TMJ.



  • completely circumaural, even for my large-ish ears leads to great noise isolation. I keep the volume below 20% and can hear the music fine and no cube-mate phone calls.
  • Nice padding on cups and headband. I wear these for hours at a time at work and neither the clamping force nor the weight of these bother me.
  • Both cups rotate and swivel. You can wear them comfortably around your neck or off the ear of choice easily. They also lay flat and fold into the familiar headband ball.
  • The sound is pretty good for the price.
  • Single-sided cable entry (left side) with nice, thick coiled cabling.


Neutral (good and bad even out):

  • Plastic construction throughout. Seem a bit flimsy, but this also makes them light. I have had no problems with cracking or creaking



  • Fixed cable. I would use these for the bus commute but the cable is way too long and heavy. (In my opinion this is the only thing that keeps these from being viable portable headphones.)


If you buy your gear new, these are going to be a pretty good purchase, especially if you wait for a Black Friday sale. If you are willing to try used these may not be your best option as you can find the Sennheiser HD 380 used for about $20 more than these used. The HD 380 headphones sound much better, have metal components, and a removable cable, and possibly come with the stock carrying case. A much better deal.

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