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Best STUDIO headphones I've owned

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 280 Headphones

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Pros: Long Cable, Crisp Sound, BASS!

Cons: Uncomfortable after a while as are any

Well to start off lets list the headphones I am comparing these to... 
Over Ear 
Dr. Dre Beats (Studio) 
Sennheiser EH 150's 
Sennheiser HD 202's

On Ear

Dr. Dre Beats (Solo)

In Ear

Altec Lansing Back-Beats Pro 
Ink'd Skullcandys 
Monster Turbine In Ear 
Dr Dre Beats 
Monster Turbine Pro Copper

The design of these headphones is a clever design, the coiled cord was a huge advance from constantly rolling over my EH150 wire with my computer chair. Another weak point I find in just about every pair of headphones is the connections at the end of the cable. On these the end user is able to remove and put in a new cable which is a huge advantage in my opinion. The headphones themselves are a thick sturdy plastic with plenty of padding, they do get warm on your ears after a while but what do you expect.

The Sound I was quite disappointed with at first when plugged into my Samsung Infuse smartphone. I thought they were worse than any other of the large headphones I listed above. That is when I said well they are STUDIO headphones (So were the STUDIO Dre's and they sounded fine on this mobile device) however when plugged into my computers or any studio device they blew me away. Bass is incredible, if you like BASS STOP LOOKING these are what you want, FAR better than the beats. They have a warm sound to them. While delivering great bass they also have great trebles. I listen to a mix of music from jazz to some rap to hip-hop etc. 

OVERALL I would absolutely recommend these to a friend, in fact I am getting them for a friend for Christmas. I would give these a lower rating for not working on mobile devices as well ie phone and ipods however they are specifically titled STUDIO DJ headphones which implies computer and on the computer they go far beyond their expectations. 

OH and the big question YES they are better than Studio Beats!!!!!!


You know what else is better than beats, everything else on this website. Studio Dj headphones, now that's hilarious. Sorry for being a jerk but you should try some more research on headphones, and stop wear beats if you want to join head-fi.
^ I find your opinion fairly funny too you know. The MDR-V6 and HD280 are great low-cost headphones, regardless of how they're marketed. The guy also owns Monster Turbines which are great in-ears (his Pro Copper's are even better) so he has some real quality references to compare to.
I don't see anything wrong with the guy buying Beats and coming to learn on his own that there are better options through headfi, that's what we're here for. If he like them for the purpose they serve and wants to keep them after paying that kind of money for them then he might as well enjoy them; it's his prerogative. Some headfiers have forgotten that people have the right to enjoy their own ****.
These "Beats" Dr. Dre Cans are just overhyped Marketing blah...they sound not really that good...but for the stylish generation,
it might fit...design over sound quality. ;)
I actually sold my beats because I didn't like the sound at all. As DraconiaN said it's the 'hype' I wanted to see if they lived up to their marketing. You pay for Dres name, not the headphones. They are cheap, plastic, and NOT worth the money, these sennheisers by far in my opinion take the Studio title.
Beats? Senheiser 202? Why don't you compare it to reasonable contenders, such as the studio monitors- the Sony V6, and the AKG K240 studio? A comparison to the HD380 pro(the next model up) would also be interesting.
I'd love to try those...I'll compare them as I acquire them over time. But so far studio wise these are the best I have personally tried/owned
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