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Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone Reviews


I luv 'em!


Pros: SQ above all else,...

Cons: Kinda tight,...but not too bad.

The above says it all, as well as numerous other reviews. I luv these supra aural cans,...and I'll keep them till I either go deaf or die!

A Diamond in a Very Big Rough


Pros: Tonal balance, light weight, durability/serviceability, low-key aesthetics

Cons: Smaller/shallower soundstage than a good open-back headphone; may require some break-in time for optimum wearing comfort

The problem with having a reference-grade pair of headphones for home listening (in my case, Grado's amazing Prestige Series SR325is) is that when you start looking for 'phones to listen to away from home, just about everything you try inevitably comes up short in one way or another, and the name of the game becomes "which set of compromises am I willing to live with?" For me, the current crop of headphones aimed toward portable listening is, at best, merely acceptable. I could drag out the usual suspects to use as punching bags, but we already know who they are; just think style-over-substance and there's no need to name names. But there are a few seriously-mediocre 'phones out...
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Long-term review


Pros: Good isolation for trains, buses, great bass, shows up clear differences in source file qualities

Cons: OK, a bit geeky but who cares

Durable - replaced pads after two years - i use case supplied with phones for storage

The perfect portable HP


Pros: Sound quality, impact on bass and drums, detailed and refined yet fun sounding, completely user customizable/ detachable

Cons: 100% plastic, light microphonics, revealing, imaging and soundstage

I bought the Sennheiser HD 25-1 (adidas) after my ATH-M50 had a loose connection and i had to return them. Though I loved the M50's, they made me realize that a headphone is not all about sound quality. Their isolation just didn't do it for me, and the pleather pads got my ears sweaty all the time. The HD 25-1 finally does everything I need it to do. The isolation is top notch, and the velour pads are more comfy then pleather while not getting sweaty. Sound: The sound quality of the HD 25-1 II was horrible out of the box, but they got better after a few minutes. I didnt notice much of a burn-in process after that, and was quite disappointed with their sound, cause the only thing they...
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Amazing headphones


Pros: Portability, ability to take any music thrown at it

Cons: initial comfort, stock pleather pads cause sweat issues

These headphones are great. I listen to mostly metal and have listened to Grado's mostly because of it, and these phones are really similar to the grado sound; I can see why people refer to these as the equivalent to a closed grado headphone. It's funny to me how different these phones are to the description of every other sennheiser headphones. Every review for the hd 600 or 650 talks about their laid back nature, while the hd 25's are anything but laid back. indeed, they are very forward, and for metal and rock, this is just what the doctor ordered. Bass-y music sounds great too, these headphones can really bring out the lower end of the sound spectrum. My only gripe with them is the...
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Not so satisfied [EDIT]


Pros: Isolation, durability, spl

Cons: Tiny soundstage, Dark sounding, not very much detail, very uncomfortable

I have had these headphones for a couple of days, and used/tested them intensely during that period. I have a pair of mackie mr8 mk2 studio monitors, so this is the sound I am used to. The sennheiser HD25-1 II are extremely populair, and this is one of the reasons i bought them, yet I was not satisfied at all. First of all, the sound stage is extremely small, it actually sounds more like everything I was playing was in mono instead of stereo. Also the headphone lacks in treble, and really does not have a lot of detail, this headphone is everything but balanced, so to call this a studio headphone is just wrong.   Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, has a lot of tight bass,...
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C ee X

Surprised the first time I put one on, and surprised every time I listen to something new!


Pros: Awesome frequency responce and good isolation.

Cons: Feels weak and fragile.

The first song I listened to with the HD-25 (like with any new pair of heaphones) was Dizzee Rascal's "Bonkers". This is the one track that I know that feels like every audible and inaudible frequency is used in the bassline... It just surrounds you and therefore can be used as a benchmark tool to test audio hardware.   And boy was I convinced instantly, also the isolation is extremely good so all of that really set me on my way!   Definitely recommend!



Pros: Punchy bass, agressive, detailed sound, very quick, indestructible, light

Cons: Can become uncomfortable for some, questionable aesthetics

The HD25s are a legend, really, so I'll just say I love the sound. They push all my aural buttons, with a fast, agressive sound (not quite Grado-like as some would say), punchy bass and great detail. I feel these things just "throw" the music at you, making you listen. Don't know how some people could call them boring, really. They have a solid bass, a dip in the midrange which gives them a certain natural feeling, free of colorations, and somewhat sharp treble. Nothing is overdone, nothing is missing. Soundstage and neutrality might be questionable to some, the design certainly is, but these cans are something you really have to try, especially for rock, metal or rap.    ...
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