Plastic and pinching force is too much, squeeze my head and painful, Sound is ok

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

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Pros: Light weight, portable

Cons: Hate plastic, uncomfortable, painful, not ergonomical , highs are too aggressive

Sennheiser HD25-II is one of hot model in on-ear headphone. I buy it because of high rating from different users.

However, i feel very disappointed when I use it.


First of all, the headband structure is too tight. It makes my head painful and can't wear for more than 5 minutes, 1 song?!


Bass, quite strong


Mids - not natural


Highs - clear, but the highs are too aggressive. It hurts my ear when listening for long time.


I can't use it for more than 5 mins because of the headband pinching force. No matter how the sound is, the headphone is useless for a user if they can't use it daily.


Sorry about that. Sennheiser.


That's why Sennhieser lunched Amperior. It's Made with Metal(Aluminium).
it also has Less clamping force, thicker and softer pads for ears,
sennhieser has eliminated resonance on 2khz which makes mid so much more natural compares to original hd25, and reduced harshness on treble.
It seems like you should been aiming Amperior not the original 25.
So, you hate plastic, huh? Don't most if not all headphones use plastic?
"So, you hate plastic, huh? Don't most if not all headphones use plastic?"
In my opinion, what he meant was very toy like looking. HD25 does not looks like
pair of headphone that coast $200
Some headphones use proper/high quality plastic, such as M50's. There's no problem with that kind of material.
Honestly, I found the 25-ii with too dark a sound sig and too small a sound stage to even get fatigue from the highs, after being assulted with all that bass and thick mids
You're entitled to your opinion, headphones are subjective, I personally love mine & I've got a massive head. clamping force never an issue for me. they will loosen a bit with time. by widening the distance between the two headbands I always find a comfortable fit. I love the way they sound, they're not perfect but I've yet to find perfection
I would think, if it is a steel band, if too tight then why not simply bend them outwards? If its spring steel, it should be very resilient. Just a thought.
I wouldn't use HD25's for a listening session but for DJ'ing its another matter.  I find it so easy to pull the beats out for mixing and then mentally pull the mid in to discern how the two tunes will sound together.
Practical as well - bombproof (as mentioned above good plastic is very good - think Glock), nice long cable and a high clamping force is a good thing - last thing you want is your headphones falling off mid mix!