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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

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Pros: Comfortable and entertaining

Cons: Could be more neutral

Good sound quality and good comfort. It is fairly lightweight but durable. The stock cable has some horrable mechanical transported contact noise (Some call it microphonics but microphonics is where mechanical vibration is transformed into electrical signal) so i replaced it with the HD650 stock cable. Yes i had to reverse the cups to make it fit.

I use it with a rockboxed iPod video and the RSA Hornet. Listening with crossfeed on i can listen to this combo for hours.

I listen mainly classical music. Opera, orchestral works, string quartets etc.

In my opinion, a closed can does not need to be perfect. i use a closed can to be isolated from outside noises but no passive closed headphone can isolate me for 100% so i will hear always hear some distracting noises


a great allrounder.

I do not really need a neutral sounding headphone since what is neutral nowadays? only my own ears listening to a live concert.

and my ears are not yours :)



wow for a $166 I might love them too! where'd you pay that little for them :O
Special discount some years ago for the Basic version. So i had to buy the velvet earpad separate.