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Not so satisfied [EDIT]

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Professional Headphone

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Pros: Isolation, durability, spl

Cons: Tiny soundstage, Dark sounding, not very much detail, very uncomfortable

I have had these headphones for a couple of days, and used/tested them intensely during that period.

I have a pair of mackie mr8 mk2 studio monitors, so this is the sound I am used to.

The sennheiser HD25-1 II are extremely populair, and this is one of the reasons i bought them, yet I was not satisfied at all.
First of all, the sound stage is extremely small, it actually sounds more like everything I was playing was in mono instead of stereo.
Also the headphone lacks in treble, and really does not have a lot of detail, this headphone is everything but balanced, so to call this a studio headphone is just wrong.


Don't get me wrong, it sounds good, has a lot of tight bass, really upfront (could be your taste) and goes really loud. And maybe if you are a pro and need a headphone that is built to last, and has an extremely high spl this is the headphone for you.

Otherwise, I think the headphone is a bit expensive.


Alternative: I have the beyerdynamic DT770 pro, these are closed, don't go as loud (as if you would ever need 120db in your ears), still more than loud enough though and have a huge sound space. Also I got them for 130 euro's, so that's 10 euro's cheaper than the sennheiser 25-1-II.

The only downside to these headphones is that they are quite a bit bigger than the sennheiser's 25-1-II.

Some people act like this is the best headphone in the whole world. With this review I am trying to tell that the 25-1-II really is not the best headphone, and that there are a a lot of alternatives.



I actually have bought these headphones again, and love them!

My main headphone is the HD650, and I use the HD25-1 II for bass heavy music, portable uses and playing the drums. I actually don't mind the small soundstage for some reason, and love the sound.

I bought the velour pads for extra comfort, and the fiio e6 for portable uses.


Not sure if my first pair was falty or that my sound signature preferences has changed.


Dark, might be the first time I read this described as "dark" you mean you have no or little treble sparkle?
I would describe it as little treble sparkle.
When i would listen to music I had to turn to treble al the way up in the EQ.
I do like like the high's to be very clear, so it might do the trick for you. But the highs were a lot less 'sparkly' than in the DT770 headphones or my mackie speakers.
I found them to be a touch harsh around 12khz and sometimes sibilant, but not very dark. They were however pretty bassy and had elements of that sennheiser sound which can be dark. So a mixed bag for me & and quite synergy dependant imo. Certainly not neutral. Ymmv.
Of course there are more 'transparent' headphones. Portable at that too...
I think you should give them more time before getting used to the sound.
Examples plz:
Deep Funk Today at 3:48 am FlagOf course there are more 'transparent' headphones. Portable at that too...
@ JamesMcProgger I don't think i would have gotten used to the small soundstage, other than that, they are good.
@ customNuts, I haven't heard them at 12khz specifically, yet i have listened to a sinus sound at 30 hz which did not sound like it should have. So the frequency range is very exaggerated. And they are indeed not neutral, yet from what I have heard it is pretty hard to find a neutral headphone.
MulberryMadness, some might call me nuts but the DT48E-25 is one such headphone. My Pioneer Monitor 10R comes to mind and possibly the HD250 II but I should do a serious comparison to be sure. Thing is all three would need a bit of amplification and the HD25 worked just fine without amplification. I am not sure of the K181 vs HD25 thus I cannot comment on those two...
Just my two cents.
I have a question for all of you, would my traktor audio 2 DAC count as an headphone amp? It goes to 600 ohm and has 100 mW @ 100 Ohms. It sure sounds much better than my stupid iphone.
If it works, it works...
I agree with you on the comfort, I didn't find them to be comfortable compared to the DT770's. Maybe supra-aural headphones aren't my thing, I didn't like the SRH750DJ's either.
@ miceblue, I think supra-aurals can never be as comfortable as circumaural headphones. Ofcourse it does take a while before the headband becomes a bit more loose, bit it will still mildly crush the ear.
So apart from being smaller I really don't see any advantages to supra-aural headphones.
it all comes down to personal taste, but for me hd25 combines nice set of bonuses in one package:
good, funny sounding + portable + easy to drive + undestructible
i found K181 and for example HDJ1000 just as good sounding, but much less comfortable (to me at least)
@ JeckyllAndHyde, I agree with you on the Pros, yet for the price I rather have something bigger thus les portable but with a larger soundstage. What exactly do you mean by funny sounding? And what is the max time you can have these headphones on your ears? I couldn't wear these for more than half an hour without having sore ears, but my ears stick out a bit!
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