For DJs only

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Pros: Very good isolation, reasonably dynamic

Cons: Painful on-ear clamping force, harsh treble peak, closed sound

These headphones are clearly designed for DJs in dance clubs and I can't recommend them for general or casual use.  They get 3 stars for doing what they're designed to do well enough but could be much better.


They are very isolating as a result of a strong clamping force that crushes my ears to the point of pain after 10-15 minutes.


The sound is very forward and punchy.  Good for techno/dance but lacks refinement, subtlety and space.


They are overly bright and there's a treble peak that causes sibilance and is very unattractive.  Though I didn't use a high quality amp this peak seems to be recognised in frequency response charts and other reviews here that state they can be too bright.  I'm not sure if this is a deliberate decision so that DJs will tend towards making club music darker but it could well be.


If using an iPhone or low-power analogue out you'll need to use a treble reducer or custom EQ to even listen to these without serious fatigue and pain, though bass response without amplification is still decent.


Overall these have a very specific application and purpose and unless you're a DJ that needs high isolation and a "club" sound you should steer clear.


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