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Sennheiser HD 239 Headphones Black Reviews

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Does it dethrone the Grado SR60?


Pros: Portable and stylish. Good bass, isolation, and comfort for an on-ear open-back design.

Cons: Congested sound. Boring signature. Sub-par materials, especially the cable.

Intro/Setup     The on-ear open-back design is not a very popular segment. I suspect most overlook this category largely because of the lack of isolation compared to the many closed-back designs in the same price range. However, open-back designs usually sound better at any given price, and are quite a bit more comfortable. This segment appeals to those who want to try out the open-back sound on a budget, or those who want something for the office that allows you to hear the phone ring when it’s on. I happen to fall into the latter category.     I found my pair on sale for $70 USD. I also own the well regarded Grado SR60i in the same category and price range,...
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Incredible lightweight headphones

Very nice and leightweight headphones.   Pros: -comfort -lightweight -clear and nice sound -there is a soundstage really -solidly built -good bass -travel pouch -short cable - good for travelling and personal audio -rotating earpads - good for storage -almost no leakeage of sound despite of their open construction   Cons: -more expensive in EU - almost twice  -no 6,35mm adapter supplied in the box

Can Do


Pros: Good tonal balance and bass

Cons: Slightly veiled sound

I used these cans direct from my MacBook Air 11.6" headphone jack. I played lossless songs using Amarra + iTunes. Very noticeable is the deep full bass and spaciousness. While obviously slightly veiled, the music was very pleasant. The tonal balance across the spectrum has good balance. Nothing really jumps at you in terms of presence. The bass slam and percussive attacks are a bit weak. Snare drums and cow bells tend to be drowned out. What I hear is a pleasant non fatiguing sound from the most delicate of recordings. Overall this headphone falls in the bang for buck category. For the sound quality most mp3 files and portable audio players can give, these cans are more than capable....
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Good pieces


Pros: Very comfortable. Amazing soundstage

Cons: Retail price is a bit on the expensive side. Underpowered when playing with an Iphone w/o an amplifier.

I bought this pieces a few weeks ago during a special and for the amount paid (80 usd) they deliver.  Like any open-back headphone they are awesome with soundstage. They are the most comfortable headphones I've ever had. Only real downside is that they are really underpowered by an Iphone. For instance, with my Klipsch S4 with 50% volume my head is about to explode in heavy noisy environments, with the HD239 not even at full volume I get to hear them decently. Even in my room if I'm using the Iphone they sound a bit to low.   Bottom line is they are above average pieces. Perhaps they are not worth the 120usd at which they retail, but if you happen to find them with...
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