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Sennheiser HD 238 Stereo Open Aire Headphone Reviews


For $55, an absolute steal!


Pros: Lightweight, great sound, low price, easy to power, comes in nice packaging, looks clean, compact, fairly comfortable.

Cons: mostly plastic build but its perfectly fine. The sound is quite astonishing for the $55 paid.

These headphones are a steal at the price I got them at. Sennheiser has a standard 2 year warranty on them when registered. There's nothing bad to say. Honestly, if you want a pair of travel headphones that sound great without breaking the bank, these are the way to go. I was a little opposed to the idea of on-ear headphones but these are pretty comfortable. I'm no sound expert but these easily score a 4.5/5 in my standards.

Not Too Shabby for Under $60 USD


Pros: Fairly good audio quality for the price, fun bass, price, soundstage, low profile on head, able to lie flat

Cons: Thin cable, feels fragile/flimsy, rolled-off highs, Sennheiser veil, supra-aural, no noise isolation

I recently discovered that these headphones are discontinued from Sennheiser's website, now replaced with the slightly tweaked HD239 model (MSRP $120 USD). I actually won these headphones through the weekly giveaway sweepstakes from Headphones.com. If I recall correctly, the HD238 was sold there for around $100 USD. I have to personally thank fellow Head-Fier and employee of Headphones.com, David Mahler, once more for making the transaction smooth. I did a silent unboxing/written review of these on YouTube if you are interested (the review is different from the one given here, it is more condensed).       What's in the box? Sennheiser HD238...
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Arguably the best 25 buck I ever spent


Pros: Sounds, Price, Portability, Looks

Cons: needs recabling

I paid 25 bucks for this phone, which makes it stupidly good value. Best Bang for the buck phone. Quite comfy so you can use it for quite a long time. Sounds is quite awesome, not 200$ awesome sound but for less than 50$, it is really great sound. Bass is quite strong, not so boomy and it is actually quite well defined. Mid  not solid but quite good. Well, it has Sennheiser house sound, dark, bit veiled, strong bass, and laid back ... I'm bit love the coloring of Audio Technica so not really my cup of tea, but I can live with it for a while. I may choose phone this over es7 though. Overall, it sounds good, does nothing wrong, and very cheap.

Good for LOUD listening


Pros: Comfortable, comes with a pouch.

Cons: open back

The HD238 seems like a very underrated headphone IMO. I haven't heard many people talking about these cans. Personally I think they are worth the $50 my dad paid for them. The sound signature is rather warm and dark, which is very pleasant to listen to at loud volumes IMO. The soundstage on these are not very big but for $50 I really can't complain. These are not so good with classical music but sounds very nice with EDM. The earpads on these don't seem to be replaceable but they are very soft and comfortable. The build feels a little cheap but they won't snap on my head or anything. I find these cans very comfortable, I wore these non-stop for 3 hours and I haven't experienced any bit...
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Pros: light, Comfy, good sound quality, VALUE

Cons: could be full leather ear pads

these headphones are great value for money PERIOD they can be summarised in one word. Amazing                                                                           

Almost great..


Pros: Perfect comfort, very good separation, airy sound.

Cons: Out of control bass, somewhat flimsy construction

I've had these almost two years ago for a few months and enjoyed them quite a bit, but just couldn't get over the problems that had (besides being open and offering no isolation at all; my mistake here). The sound is good, good detail, smooth highs, without much sparkle, but the mids were too weak for my liking and the bass.. well, it was a big disapointment. Maybe if amped properly they'd sound better, I don't know nor do I care much, given that these are supposed to be easy to drive compact portable cans, not on the same level as real mid-fi or hi-fi cans. The bass was just flabby and boomy, not what you'd expect from nice open cans like these. Too bad, because they did a few things...
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Great for $30


Pros: Comfort, Soundstage, Bass

Cons: Burn In Time Lengthy, Open

I purchased these at $30 for refurbished, and they are great for the price. Comfort is unusually good, with a unique felt/pleather pad. The bass is perfect, present but never overbearing nor making the sound muddy. Soundstage is very wide, which is to be expected considering these are open headphones. 

Pretty good comfortable portables


Pros: comfortable, stylish, decent detail, strong bass

Cons: flimsy, strong bass

Initial impressions were in-line with the other reviews on the forums: dark, overbearing bass. I immediately performed the astroid-mod (removing the black foam center from the pads) and also opened them up and lined the grills with tin-foil based on another mod I found on this forum. Wow! The sound cleaned up immediately with the highs and mids coming through clearer, although they still weren't where they should be, so I left them playing pink noise and sine sweeps overnight for a few days. These don't need an amp, but the bass does tighten up and the mids come out stronger when connecting them to a FiiO e5. These sound surprisingly good for jazz and classical, but feel a little slow...
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