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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 219 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 219 Headphones

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Pros: Light Weight, comfortable, small, great sound

Cons: Finicky positioning, feels fragile

(I have only just bought these headphones, so I will come back after sufficient burn in time and make a statement then as well.)



First off, these headphones are EXTREMELY light. They don't weigh a thing on your head, don't clamp hard at all, and are just generally very comfortable. They sit well on your head and adjust in several different ways to fit heads of almost any size. I have worn these headphones for HOURS and only barely notice them! The sound these guys produce is also phenomenal, especially the mids and the highs. they are clear and airy, and the pads dull a sufficient amount of outside noise. 



These headphones feel VERY weak and fragile, as coming with their lightweight portability. You really feel like you might break them at times when lugging them around. Though the plastic feels high quality, there is definitely not much of it. Another big issue I had was the positioning on the ears. After time, they tend to (at least for me) slide towards the front of your ears. When this happens, the holes on the pads become misaligned with your ears, causing the bass to disappear and make the sound very tinny. When they sit on your head probably, however, the bass is all well and good. The bass on these headphones isn't non-existent, but it is a bit weak. However, for the price, they are way better than anything else I have heard, especially for cans that go mobile a lot. 


I bought mine on sale from Best Buy for around $30, however, they typically are around 45-65, with something around the middle being most common. I suggest, if you need a pair of headphones to be portable, these will definitely do the job; and at that they will do it well! 


I recommend them!

1 Comment:

Would agree...solid value for portables. Got mine for same price at BB about a year ago as well.  I really don't baby them and they've held up fine.
I use them with a Clip Zip and they sound very nice.  Found the same issue with the fit/bass.
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