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Pretty Decent!

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 219 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 219 Headphones

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Pros: Affordable! , Comfortable, Easily Stored, Sufficient Build

Cons: Sound a bit unclear, build is decent but not stellar.

I'm just a junior head-fi'er, but I do love my music.


~~~Summary for the hasty?~~~

They are decent $50 headphones, but they are barely decent. The only area that they excel in is portability. Everything else is just sufficient for the price you pay. My recommendation? Buy them on sale. I know looks are subjective but they seem pretty stylish.



Sufficient. I admit, one year of use is not very long, but they show no sign of damage. Keep in mind, I have no case for these, and I just stuff them in my backpack. it is reasonable to assume the plastic will crack eventually. Hopefully only after a year or two of more use. The reason I say the headband may crack is that the plastic is very light, and definitely not the best Sennheiser has to offer. Even higher end (50 - 100 USD) Senn's are known to have headband cracks. I would not bet that these stand the test of time if handled roughly.


The headphone cord is pretty thin as well. Try to be nice to the cord; it is not excessively thin, but it probably won't take much of a beating.



Stellar. As they are so light, you can barely notice them on your head.



This is important, as it is really the only reason to shell out money on these things. The earpads fold inwards so they are more flat when folded. They are very easy to store, and if you decrease the size, as in readjust the headband length, before you store them, it is really easy to just wrap the cord around the earpads. The wire has not tangled severely thus far. I usually just have a knot to untie on occasion. These are easily stuffed into most carrying cases, there is no need to buy a pouch for these unless you really want these to last you many years.



Fairly unclear, but for a 50 USD headphone I am pretty impressed. Compared to the best $100 dollar pair of headphones...these leave much to be desired. Compared to mediocre $100 dollar headphones, on the other hand, these sound pretty close.


I listen to classical music on these headphones, usually harpsichord, choir, and orchestra. The treble range is emphasized, and it is overall clear. The trebles are pretty loud though, and the push out the mids in my opinion. The mids and lows are also clear, but less so. The lows sound a bit messy, and may be the worst part of this headphone. Honestly, it did not stop me from enjoying music for the double-bass, but it is not the high point of these headphones.


These also feature passive noise cancelling, so on a crowded bus you will still hear your music pretty well.


My perspective: These were basically my first pair of headphones.(Before these, the only audio quality I knew was that of the apple earbuds.) I knew nothing about how to buy headphones, yet I am still impressed with these. I'd recommend buying them on sale. These do compare to the Sennheiser HD 280s, and they are not good products in my humble opinion. Since these compare to headphones that sell for closer to $100 dollars, I'd say they have good value.


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