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Decent Sounding For $50

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 219 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 219 Headphones

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Pros: Treble, Comfort, Sound, Style

Cons: Non-Detachable Cable, Lack of Bass

Introduction: Now, before i start the actual evaluation of the sound, these were literally my first pair of headphones... And the ones that started my obsession with the whole collecting headphones thing.


Build Quality: For a $50 headphone, you can't really complain about the build quality. They are basically all plastic, and the cable is not detachable. For a low cost headphone, i really think these reflected the price in terms of build quality.


Comfort: For being a sealed, on ear headphone, the comfort is really good, for me anyway. Sennheiser chose the cheapest and most lightweight plastic imaginable, in my opinion. When you put them on your head, you feel nothing... Literally! They are virtually weightless.


Bass: These headphones do not have a whole lot of bass, but for 50 dollars, i cannot complain. Just because they are light on the bass doesn't make them a bad headphone.


Mids/Vocals: Controlled. They definitely ring out and are more prominent than the bass, obviously. I was able to hear the singers voice a bit better than on some other headphones.


Treble: These headphone have a treble-dominant sound to them, meaning the treble is the star of the show. It gives an emphasis on rock and metal music, which i like because that is pretty much all i listen to nowadays. It is not harsh, or fatiguing in the sense that they are never tiring to listen to. The energetic treble and vocals make everything sound lively and quite dynamic.


Conclusion: For 50 bucks, these are great in my opinion for people who are on a budget. Sennheiser and other companies make headphones that are incredibly better than these, but you would have to spend more money to actually get them.


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