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Sennheiser HD 205 Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


I enjoy them.


Pros: Audio Quality is not bad at all, Style, chord length (depending on where I am),

Cons: Death grip on your head, Ear pads

 I got a pair of 205 ii's for christmas. I enjoy them quite a lot. They sound great through my setup (Asus Xonar dg 5.1 sound card --> Bravo Audio V2 w/stock tube). They sound like poo through any mobile device however. These headphones lack greatly on the comfort side of the spectrum. I can't wear them for more than an hour strait before feeling nauseous. The band is so tight it actually broke. I zip tied them back together and they are the same again, but man they squish your head. The chord is nice because I can move about my room, or I can have it wrapped up with a rubber band if I'm going to be at my desk for long periods of time. The style looks good. Very clean looking. I...
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Negative Reviews


I've gone through three of them


Pros: very nice sound for the price

Cons: not for bassheads, can break easily, painful to wear

These were my third pair of headphones that were of higher quality than your typical, horrible, "shouldn't-even-come-with-an-MP3-player" iPod earbuds.  You all know what I'm talking about...those white earbuds that not only hate staying in your ear, but serve a better purpose in your garbage can.  So it's only natural for someone like me to toss them aside and use a better pair of earbuds.  However, I HATE earbuds, and after realizing that I also hate noise-canceling, on-ear headphones (the comfort is non-existent with the JBL's I had), I decided to give these a pair back when I was in high school.     And yes, the title is true.  I've gone through...
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More Reviews


Sennheiser HD205 Review!


Pros: Volume, Bass, Design, Value

Cons: Comfort, Cord Length (for people who use portable)

  A few months ago I purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD201’s, I liked them enough to buy a pair of HD202’s, Which soon led me to buy their “older cousin” The Sennheiser HD205’s so far I have mostly positive comments about these headphones and I think they are a good deal for the money. First off lets start off with the price, they retail for around 50-80 USD. I picked them up for about 21 USD off of Amazon. When I saw this ridiculously low price I knew I had to get the headphones and take one step closer to seeing what Sennheiser is really all about. My first impression of the headphone was the over look of it. I feel like the design on the headphones was well thought out...
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Overall, not bad


Pros: Impressive highs and lows; long cord; twistable right headphone; stylish; simple design; cheap price; noise isolation

Cons: Mids seem a bit recessed; cord gets tangled EXTREMELY easily; dislike supra aural design, uncomfortable for long wear, high clamp force

These were the first 'decent' pair of headphones that I purchased, and my sentimentality towards them may cause some amount of bias. I found these headphones to be a bit bassy when I first bought them, but at the same time, I feel now that the amount of bass is quite reasonable. Most devices will let you manually alter the levels these days anyway.   I think that the rotatable right headphone feature is a bit of a gimmick, but it's somewhat handy in keeping the headphones on and being able to hear outside sounds as well, like if you're a DJ.   I think the sound is nice - don't get me wrong - but it is a bit of a stretch from Sennheiser's reference-quality headphones. I feel...
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Good Starter


Pros: Sound Quality, Price

Cons: Long Cord, Uncomfortable with long use.

I bought this pair Refurbished and it was an incredible deal. My first pair of real nice headphones. Overall I'm impressed. Excellent sound with great value. You can listen to almost anything with these and it'l sound right. Bass isn't overdriven and you get good highs and mids. Unfortuntely with long use it's tight on your head and can cause ear pain. The cord is extremely long which makes portability a pain in the butt. I mostly have them hooked into my Desktop though so it's all good for me. If you're just getting into audiophilia I recommend these for the man or woman on a budget. Can't go wrong with Sennheisers.

Not too powerfull on bass


Pros: The plastics not look cheap, overall this body looks more expensive than hd 458

Cons: cannot perform extreme bass

This headphone looks like have better plastics build quality compared to sennheiser hd 438.   Sounds: hd 205 should be a dj headphones!, but the fact this headphone cannot deliver booming bass performance. (*note: similiar with hd 438 that was claimed have powerfull bass performance, but the fact is NO!)

Amazing sound and build quality for the price. No go if you have a bigger than average head.


Pros: Amazing sound for the price, fairly decent isolation, excellent build quality

Cons: Very tight clamping on head, more on ears than over ears

Amazing sound for the price, fairly decent isolation, excellent build quality. Quite a strong punchy bass, not overpowering. Mids are smooth maybe slightly forward. Highs sparkle, can be slightly bright. But at this price who's to complain, jus do not buy if you have a bigger than average head. I also like the design, quite cool and stylish.   Very tight clamping on head, caused an unbearable pain after wearing for more than 10 minutes. more on ears than over ears.   Cable was a bit on the thin side, jack bent slightly during use.
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