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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 203 Closed Back Around-the-Ear Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD 203 Closed Back Around-the-Ear Studio Headphones

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Pros: really durable, sounds good for price

Cons: really uncomfortable

Got these over two years back at best buy. Wanted to try a sennheiser headphone since i heard so many great things. So i decided to get these for $50. When i got home and tried these on i was disappointed. Sounded tinny to me. But with some burn in i liked them. Now when i listen to them 2 years later i don't know what i was talking about it being tinny since these have quite a lot of bass. These have a V shaped sound sig to my ears. The bass is a bit bloated and muddy and treble a bit sibilant but for $50 its not bad. You can still hear the mids and these actually have good detail. No soundstage though and the sound is very cramped and kind of jumbled together sounding. Nonetheless a great sounding can for the price.


Now these are extremely uncomfortable! Earcups are really small and your ears just kind of cram in there against the drivers. Cant wear these for more than 20 minutes without it hurting. 


On a positive not these are really durable! These took much abuse over the last 2 years from children using them roughly. These have stood up to all that and are just like when i bought them!


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