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A Review On: Sennheiser HD 203 Closed Back Around-the-Ear Studio Headphones

Sennheiser HD 203 Closed Back Around-the-Ear Studio Headphones

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Pros: sound quality is terrific, they are sleek, and indestructable

Cons: comfort is terrible, the cable

The first time i put these on and had a listen, i was excited about the quality of sound i was hearing for $15 (i got them from amazon), but 15 or so minutes later my ears became soar and a massive headache took over. I took them off, took some medicine and went to sleep for a couple hours, and the pain was gone, but i keep trying to wear them and mod them to make them more comfortable, but they won't budge. the pads on these use that plastic bag texture and the tips of your ears only touch the pad, while the rest of your ear is tightly pressed up against the driver enclosure due to the tight plastic headband.
Don't even get me started with the cable, just replace it.
with the right amount of heavy modding to the headband, cable and ear cups I'm sure these would be adequate phones, but for the price they ask ($40), there are much better headphones. mad.gif

edit- do yourself a favor and just don't get these, i ended up scrapping them, but am saving the drivers for a future custom headphone, if you need cheap headphones, look into the jvc HAS600, read my review


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