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A cheap headphone that sounds quite well.

A Review On: Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

Sennheiser HD 201 Headphones

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Pros: Amazing value for the price. Suitable for pop, rock and even classical.

Cons: False leather on the ear and head cushions starts to dissolve within the first 10 weeks of use. Too long cable.

I am using the HD 201 for over two years and in terms of sound quality/characteristics I’m quite pleased with it. Just recently I listened to a good recording of Bach’s choral BWV 115 played on a Silbermann organ. My jaw dropped. The HD 201 sounded so well it’s hard to justify an upgrade. Even the very low base was present but only in the background, where it belongs. I believe base should suport music rather than being a main part of it. Because the HD 201 has a bright sound it also unveils compression artefacts of poorly encoded mp3 files. A quality that would be expected from high end headphones with a rediculous price tag. If you are used to warm and smooth sounding headphones you will certainly find the HD 201 to have a harsh sound. If you upgrade from low quality earbuds you could well be impressed. For this price it becomes a must have in any headphone collection. The only two things I really dislike are the false leather over the ear and head cushions. It begins to dissolve quickly. The lenght of the cable is also too generous. 3m or 10ft is way too much for a product that is mostly used together with portable devices.

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I completely agree. I am continually impressed by these cans. The pads and cable need improvement though...
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